The Gladiators defeated Bahrain and reaped their second victory in the World Handball

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Lucas Dario Moscariello scored five goals in the match (Reuters)

The Argentine handball team defeated this Sunday Bahrain for the second date of the World Cup in Egypt, in Cairo, where he had debuted with a victory over Democratic Republic of Congo by 28 a 22.

In his second presentation, The Gladiators they were imposed in front of Asian team 24-21 for the second date of the Group D of the international championship, zone that completes the world and Olympic champion Denmark, his next rival.

The combined albiceleste had only played once against the national team Middle East at the inaugural wheel of France 2017, where a victory was achieved by 26-17. On this occasion, the meeting was key to the aspirations of the Argentines to pass the round.

This contest has 32 countries (eight more than in previous editions) divided into eight zones of four. The first three of each group will advance to the next phase dragging the dots. There the 24 qualifiers will be divided into four zones of 6 and the best two of each of them will access the quarter finals. Then the semifinals and later the great final, agreed for the Sunday, January 31st. The latter will face the so-called President’s Cup (those who occupy the places from 25 to 32 will go).

Argentina will close the Tuesday (at 16:30) the first group stage against Denmark, one of the candidates for the title, who in his debut surpassed 34 to 20 to Bahrain.

The goal in Egypt is to qualify for the quarter-finals, something Argentina has never been able to achieve. The best result of the Albiceleste team in the World Cup was the 12th place, in Sweden 2011 and Qatar 2015.

On the other hand, Spain did not start the championship on the right foot after drawing 29-29 with Brazil, a rival hampered by casualties and against whom he wasted six goals ahead in the second half before suffering an offensive blackout that could cost him defeat.

The two-time European champion seemed to have her world premiere controlled at the beginning of the second 30 minutes. The sensations on both sides of the track were different, but, against all odds, the ‘Hispanos’ were getting stuck in attack and that gave air to a South American team that had faith at all times.

The continental power did not lose command of the game, but it showed its lack of finesse by not taking advantage of even an optimal double exclusion. The score was finally equalized with seven minutes to go (26-26).


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