The drama of Esther in the Heel: “I suffered an anxiety attack”

The drama of Esther in the Heel: “I suffered an anxiety attack”

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‘A real dream’, the documentary that tells on HBO how was the transition from Heel to Real Madrid female, has reached its fourth and final episode. In it, Esther Martín continues her testimony about the anxiety attack he suffered on the Valdebebas pitch during the Tacón-Madrid CFF match on September 29, 2019, of matchday 4 of the Primera Iberdrola, which the then-future Real Madrid lost by 1-2.

Daimiel’s footballer, who starts as a left back, committed a penalty per hand in the early stages of the match, which the visiting team transformed through Sara Tui. “I fall to the ground, I can’t hit him with the head and at the end I put my hand in. They score us a goal and two minutes later they score us another. In the end, the pressure affects me too much, I suffer an anxiety attack after 15 minutes, I couldn’t breathe “, Esther related in the previous chapter.

In that meeting, the side of Tacón continued on the field of play despite the crisis she was experiencing in her flesh: “Rest comes and I go directly to the psychologist because I couldn’t breathe. In the field I was running and I was drowning. “Her coach, David Aznar, sees her broken,” but there is a conversation in which he wants to continue competing. “Thus, Esther is still on the grass in the second half:I told him it was okay, but it wasn’t “.

That was the first time that Daimiel’s player, who explained today on her Twitter account that in the documentary she had opened the “doors of her heart”, suffered an anxiety attack. It had never happened before. “I am overcome by the pressure, the situation, having your dream so close and suddenly not living up to it. You go into a loop and you say that I am worthless”, analyze.

Four months until your compensation

After that dramatic September 29, Esther Martín does not start again in the League with the Heel until January 26, in the defeat of theirs 0-1 against Logroño. However, on the following day, the 19, he can compensate. At last. The rival, of course, was Madrid CFF, but this time at home. “I hadn’t played for months and doubts, uncertainties come in …”, says a very excited soccer player in certain sections of the documentary.

Heel was down 3-2 in the 75th minute, and then comes Esther’s redemption. From a foul of his comes the goal of Ohale’s tie in 76 ‘, for ten minutes later to decide the game in favor of theirs with a direct free kick: “Jessica Martínez and Asllani were debating who was taking the foul and I knew it was my zone … That foul had to be mine, and I look at them and tell them I throw it.“The ball went in.

The Daimiel footballer put the 3-4 on the scoreboard and Heel took the three points of Matapiñonera to seal the permanence. “You realize how bad you have been, all the suffering, the sacrifice, The sleepless days, the crying nights … are worth it. I am the usual Esther again, “she says, wiping away her tears.

His story of overcoming had a happy ending. However, the side, who stars in one of the most beautiful personal stories of the series with her Madridista grandfather, did not wear the Real Madrid shirt. The daimieleña also explains in first person her departure to Valencia in ‘A Real Dream’. At 22 years old, Esther still has time ahead to fulfill it.

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