The Battle of Balaídos is a war between Argentines

The Battle of Balaídos is a war between Argentines

Tonight’s game will be played in Vigo, but with the Argentine accent it will seem like Mar de Plata. The battle has several open fronts and two commanders facing each other. On the one hand, Coudet in command of a troop that will see the permanence in case of victory. In the other part from the trench, his representative Christian Bragarnik, owner of an Elche that does not raise his head amid so many bullets. The people of Elche add fifteen weeks without winning, more than three months without smiling follow the game live on GLM).

Almirón, also represented by Bragarnik and in his day tempted by Celta, will continue to rely on his tanks: Carrillo and Boyé. The latter returns to Vigo after its fleeting and unprofitable stage as celeste in 2018. Argentine fire, with compatriots Rigoni and Marcone to serve them.

Celta have not managed to win in 2021 either, but the point and the image offered in the Metropolitan has swollen their chests. El Chacho will bet again on his gala eleven, but in the rear he will have house artillery. Solari and Ferreyra They showed up last Monday in a polished tuxedo. They have just landed in Vigo, with the endorsement of your technician and unknown of their performance, and have shown that they believe in the cause.

Shield / Flag Elche

The star of the duel will not be Argentine, but it could have been Maradona’s neighbor perfectly. Aspas has the challenge of marking Elche to complete his particular LaLiga rosco. The shield has been indicated against 28 of the 29 teams they have faced in the highest categoryto. He only has the Elche medal, something that he will pursue in the Argentine battle of Balaídos.

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