Brazilian Antony dos Santos

The $345,000 Lamborghini Antony is driving after crashing his BMW X6 on New Year’s Eve

Brazilian Antony dos Santos must now drive a Lamborghini Aventador after crashing his BMW X6 on New Year’s Eve

Manchester United’s Brazilian attacker Antony Santos appears to have turned the page after crashing his BMW X6 on New Year’s Eve and has now been seen driving a $345,000 Lamborghini Aventador that he acquired in late 2022.
On the night of December 31, 2022 after the match between the Reds and Wolverhampton, Antony set out to return home in his X6. However, on what was a wet and dark night he lost control of his car and collided with some road works.

The attacker received help from the authorities a few minutes after the accident, but he was also given a breathalyzer test.
After the accident, the Manchester United coach, Erik ten Hag, decided not to call him up for the game on January 3, 2022 against Bournemouth, as Antony was still shocked by what happened.


But the truth is that the Brazilian has already overcome that unpleasant chapter and has been seen driving his Lamborghini Aventador in the streets of Manchester to go to training.

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