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Son of boxing legend brutally knocked out in last fight

Boxing prospect Evan Holyfield, son of iconic former heavyweight champion Evander, has lost his undefeated record after suffering a shock second-round knockout loss to official opponent Jurmain McDonald, a part-time fighter who also works as a electrician.

Holyfield, 24, was the heavy favorite to make the job easier for McDonald, who came into the fight with a record of just 6-5, but Holyfield, who entered the ring with an undefeated 9-0 career record, He caught up with the budding boxer with an overhand right hand in the second round that sent Holyfield face-first to the canvas.

He seemed very dazed and tried to get to his feet on the referee’s count of eight, but the referee called off the fight when he determined that Holyfield could not continue.

It was a shocking surprise, with some punters offering prices as low as 1/100 for Holyfield to claim what would have been his tenth career win. It was a stunning win for McDonald, who trains only sporadically and is forced to fit his boxing training into his full-time job.

Holyfield, by comparison, is a full-time professional boxer, undergoing high-level training as he tries to carve out a career similar to that of his world champion father.

Writing on social media after the loss, Holyfield congratulated McDonald on the best win of his career and said he is in good health despite the crushing loss.

“I just want to thank everyone for the support and congratulate Jurmain McDonald on the win. I got caught with a good shot, but I’m lucky to be in good health.,” Holyfield wrote on Instagram.

“True champions get up and continue the journey through this boxing. So goodbye my Mayweather fans and I’m back in the gym. Oh yeah, and God bless you for keeping everyone safe!”

The loss caps what has been a less than successful period for the Holyfield family.

Evander, 59, came out of retirement in September last year for an exhibition fight against former UFC star Vitor Belfort in which he surpassed his prime when he was knocked out by the Brazilian mixed martial artist less than two minutes after the first round.

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