After a hearty competition, RedBull once again conquered the Formula 1 podium, this time, with Sergio Pérez at the helm of the 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. In second place was Sebastian Vettel, from Ferrari and third Pierre Gasly, from RedBull.

For his part, his teammate, Max Verstappen, suffered an accident after a puncture in the left rear tire, this a few laps from finishing the race that he had been leading.

Meanwhile, despite Lewis Hamilton pressured the Mexican in the dispute for the podium, an error in one lap, which the experts describe as “beginner”, cost him the victory and the points for Mercedes Benz when descending to the 15 place.

The team of Red Bull had lived a complicated afternoon in qualifying on Saturday June 6, since Sergio lost the possibility of going out in the first row after positioning himself in seventh place on the grid, while tapping was placed in the third.

Both unfavorable results for the performance that they had been showing in training.

Information in development.

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