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Russian team abandons iconic rally after refusing to ‘denounce’ motherland

Kamaz-Master has refused to sign a document that would allow them to compete in the world-famous race.

The Russian team Kamaz-Master will not compete in the upcoming Dakar Rally after announcing that they would not sign documents that they say would have forced them to do so. “report” Your own country.

The development means that, for the first time in 24 years, the world famous Dakar Rally will have no Russian representation, with Kamaz-Master achieving an impressive total of 19 wins, while Russia as a whole can claim 20 titles, second only to France in the all-time list.

In a message posted on the team’s official website, Kamaz-Master criticized the requirement by the international governing body the FIA, which allows Russians to compete under a neutral status but on the condition that they sign certain documents that include statements on the situation in Ukraine.

“The participation of Russian athletes in the Dakar Rally is due to the need to sign the questionnaire of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), which condemns the Russian special operation in Ukraine”, stated the team.

“In our opinion, the content of this document is political in nature and also violates the principles of equal conditions for athletes. We consider it impossible for us to sign such documents and participate in contests under such conditions..”

Kamaz-Master also stated that his decision to retire was “obvious” and pledged their support to “the Homeland, especially when in a difficult situation.”

Motorsport’s governing body, the FIA, announced in March that it would not allow drivers from Russia to compete without “recognizing the strong commitment made by the FIA ​​to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine”, in addition to promising not “express any support (direct or indirect) for Russian and/or Belarusian activities regarding Ukraine.”

The move came amid broader restrictions imposed on Russian sport by various sports federations, and which followed a stern rebuke of Russia by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

It became clear earlier this month that entry requirements would likely be a sticking point for Russian brokers.

Sergey Karyakin, winner of the Dakar Rally in 2017, said earlier this month that he wanted to participate but described his condemnation of the document he will be asked to sign.

“Not only do they ask me to sign [the document], but also all Russian athletes. All those who participate within the FIA. This is the requirement of the FIA, which shouted the loudest about the lack of politics in sports, but in reality, there is a politics of double standards.”, dijo Karyakin a RIA Novosti.

“This paper says that we should not support the president, the special operation, that we consider the actions of our country to be destructive. That is, in this format.”

He added: “Of course I will not sign such a document, I have certain principles in life, going against my motherland is completely wrong..”

Another Russian, Anastasiya Nifontova, also refused the request to put her signature on the document and, as a result, was ruled out of Dakar.

However, Konstantin Zhiltsov is among those who will compete in Dakar after he opted to change his nationality from Russian to Israeli to circumvent such restrictions.

The Dakar Rally will start on December 31 and will run until January 15 in Saudi Arabia.

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