Rublev is sincere: “I need to work on the mental aspect”

Rublev is sincere: “I need to work on the mental aspect”

Andrey Rublev will be the player to watch this week at the VTB Kremlin Cup in Moscow, where he starts as a great favorite for the title after the resignation of his compatriot Daniil Medvedev after his defeat in Indian Wells.

The Russian tennis player attended the media before his debut and acknowledged that he has a lot of pressure, while assuming that he has had ups and downs in terms of results. “Of course I have a lot of pressure, it’s normal. You can’t show your best level every week and for eleven months, it’s very difficult. I think only top players with a lot of experience or players with a couple of years in the Top-10 like Medvedev know how to handle this best. For months I have played very well and have come a long way in tournaments. But other months I have not had great results and I have lost very soon. Still, I have managed to stay in the Top-10, which is the most important thing. ”

Rublev also assured that he knows what step he has to take to establish himself in the tennis elite. “I think that now I have to work on the mental part, in my case it is the main issue because the players who are better than me, know how to handle those difficult moments better than I do. As for my level of play since the Laver Cup, I feel very good. I feel like I’m playing at a great level, with a lot of confidence. Maybe I didn’t do well in Indian Wells, but I feel like I have a great level of tennis and that’s important. ”

The Russian also confessed that there are some tough aspects as a tennis player, but that he still continues to enjoy his sport. “I really enjoy playing tennis and traveling and, mentally, that suits me well. But sometimes, especially now when you come from the United States to Moscow and you have to compete on Tuesday, it is hard because of the time difference. But it is normal.It is part of our sport and we cannot do anything. But mentally, I’m fine, because I enjoy playing tennis. ”

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