Rubiales, on Piqué’s statements: “You cannot question the honesty of the referees”

Rubiales, on Piqué’s statements: “You cannot question the honesty of the referees”

The president of the Spanish Federation, Luis Rubiales, responded to Gerard Piqué’s words about the arbitration decisions for which he could be sanctioned with four parties.

“As long as the Federation is present, I will never question or comment on something that is in Integrity. There is organ autonomy. The judges will have to decide whether or not, “he began to explain.

The Barça center-back said that LaLiga referees whistle in favor of Madrid for being supporters of the white team. “Iturralde once said that 85% of the referees are from Madrid. How are they not going to whistle in favor of Real Madrid even if it is unconsciously? How can they not shoot more than one side than the other? “ were the words of Piqué with DJ Mario.

“Freedom of expression has limits”

“What I can give you my opinion on thin skin. We believe more than anyone in freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is priced, it has limits. Is the law”, added.

“I cannot say what I want about you, because if I lie, if I accuse you of having carried out illegal acts there may be a lawsuit. The referees are, according to sports law, sports judges and they cannot be disrespected, They cannot be humiliated and their honesty cannot be questioned, “he explained.

“You cannot say of a referee who has not wanted to whistle something. Can’t say it’s from a team, which will favor a team. You can say that he was wrong, “he said.

“The referees are the bravest establishment, the most prepared. They are the ones who do not accept criticism. It can be said ‘the referee is not lucky, he is not well, he has harmed us or he refereed badly …’“, he concluded.

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