Rubiales confesses: the World Cup, the National Team, Casillas, the VAR, Aganzo, the Cup format …

Rubiales confesses: the World Cup, the National Team, Casillas, the VAR, Aganzo, the Cup format …

Luis Rubiales he went through the microphones of “El Larguero” of Cadena SER to talk, among other topics of the Superliga, the new format of the Champions, your relationship with Casillas Y Aganzo or the Iberian candidacy for the World 2030.

Superliga: “I am a member of the negotiating committee that is negotiating changes in the Champions League. Football is going to evolve and UEFA has to mark it. The greats have to play games because they see each other. I hope the Superliga does not go ahead. The leagues They have to think about how to reduce their days. We have a 38-match league and it can only be done in two ways: either they reduce the teams or you change the format. If you reduce the teams, they won’t want to. So you have to look for a different format that there is a competition of 33 days that may even have more than two Clásicos. We can sit down with LaLiga to talk about dreams that Tebas has about neutral fields without harming the fans so that they have their game at home and away. certain matches in neutral fields. As the most modest ones cling to the league of 20 with the 38-day format, they will play a pulse that can be won or lost. Or the leagues decrease the teams s or they change the format and that is something that will happen in the next two or four years and if they want to play a pulse there will be four, six or eight clubs that uncheck. We have to reach an intermediate point, which is what UEFA is proposing. We are going to a format in which the big ones generate more box office “.

UEFA would threaten not to play: “In England there are fans of 18 or 20 teams and here you are one of your team and one of the greats. Sevilla with this system would be out. You have to get the greats to generate more and reach the little ones.”

New Champions model: “I am optimistic. There will be no Super League outside of UEFA. Ceferin knows football in a spectacular way. He will give more comfort to the big ones, but he will not leave the little ones.”

Casillas: “On December 16 I announced the elections for January. We have fulfilled everything. There have been thousands of votes to elect the assembly members. I don’t know why Iker says that. If they close the border between Spain and Portugal, he would have stayed in Spain. I don’t want to argue. If you need me just by calling, I’ll be there. Stay in Spain and visit the assembly members. I did the job three years ago. ”

Viana Pact for Peace: “It served for the return to professional football. There was a very intense work. The protocol was drawn up so that everyone could compete in all categories. The minister is the greatest promoter of the autonomy of the federations.”

Relationship with the CSD: “We received with surprise the resolution of the Monday and Friday matches. Irene said that she was going to respect the judicial decisions. We were surprised by how and when. It was not accidental. It was leaked to the media and a resolution opposed to what the judge says. The moment when a sentence was going to come out that gave us the reason is not by chance. This has to be fixed quickly. We are going to try to solve it in a diplomatic way because otherwise bigger problems will be created. ”

Aganzo on the board of directors: “Of between 10 and 12 meetings he has come to one because he was playing futgolf. We have given four million euros for the Second B and Third clubs to pay.”

Bid from Spain and Portugal: “The Iberian candidacy is a winning bet. If football leads this candidacy, we believe that we will be the most powerful candidacy. There would be 16 venues, with three or four in Portugal. We are going to have more venues. When they go throughout Spain with There are cities that want to be in the National Team. It can excite those who like football and those who don’t because it generates tourism. ”

World Cup in Spain: “I would bet on us. I want to convey security and humility.”

Play in Bilbao: “Today I cannot say otherwise. Nothing has been said in the UEFA Executive Committee. You have to reach 25-30% of the public. Having three Euro Cup games is worth millions of euros in advertising. Now you have to be calm. I’m not going to be the one to push with this. ”

Basque report where they do not ensure that this percentage can be in San Mamés: “What there is is a draft with four scenarios: pessimistic, half pessimistic, half optimistic and optimistic. I was at that figure, 13%, in the most pessimistic view.”

Team to win the Euro: “We have a winning coach who has managed to instill enthusiasm and concepts to look into the eyes of any team. This was the change we wanted. We arrived and scored goals.”

Ramos without renewing in the Eurocup: “This is something between Ramos and Madrid. Neither I interfere nor anyone from the Federation. It is part of life whether players renew or not. Hopefully the best are always here.”

Talk to him: “I have not asked him nor would it occur to me.”

Messi: “He is a unique player. We have been lucky to enjoy him and he has to decide. We are lucky to have a magnificent league with two of the best in the world and having the best is the best for LaLiga.”

Sanction to Piqué: “While I am president, the Committee will decide it. We believe in freedom of expression and it is subject to the law. The referees are sports judges and they cannot be humiliated or questioned their honesty. It cannot be said that they are from a team. those who accept criticism the most. It can be said that they have whistled badly. Something that goes beyond freedom of expression has been socialized. We have proposed order. A few days ago there was a ruling from the Constitutional Court saying that those who are under that order You have to taste it. You can criticize it, but do not question its honesty. Part of the managers’ job is to calm down in difficult moments. If there is something you cannot say you have to calm down. Football is passion, but we have to take care of it. The good repute of a judge cannot be called into question. ”

Punishment of the referees: “You don’t see it because they have internal regulations. All the institutions protect this because if you are not putting it at the feet of the horses. The referees are not perfect, but they have a very high success rate.”

Velasco Carballo: “He gives a press conference and all the clubs are received. He has given training to the European referees.”

Unanimity in the field and in the VAR: “The peaks of television are those of the VAR. The technology we have is the same as it was in the World Cup.”

Letter from the president of Cádiz: “I think there are other ways. We have to rest. This is better to turn the page. We have not spoken after the letter. I do not want to make value judgments. 80% of the clubs have written to me. You have to have one open door policy. We are the country that has the most international referees “.

Field and VAR referees: “For a referee to go far he has to be prepared to whistle on the field and in the VAR room”.

Super Cup in Arabia: “The Super Cup is one of the most followed tournaments and when we decided to bet on this trophy it was not the same in Spain as it was. We are playing together with Portugal to organize a World Cup. When we were in Arabia we were able to be with 25 secretaries from Asian federations and in four years’ time it will be decided where the 2030 World Cup is going. Here the clubs don’t lose and it helps to project ourselves “.

critics: “I understand them and accept them. Another thing is another type of attacks. I have given my arguments and not by repeating them I am going to convince those who do not want to. I have spoken with clubs that were in the quarterfinals and they decided how well they were going to do going to Asia (if they got to play the Super Cup) “.

Madrid and Barça: “If we look at those who have reached the quarterfinals playing two-legged games, it won’t be easy for them. If Barça doesn’t go and Madrid doesn’t go, they won’t go.”

Copa del Rey: “We have surpassed in some questions the English Cup that was light years away. For the economy of a humble team it is a party”.

Pure draw: “Statistically there would be many clubs that would not have the opportunity. I am liking it and there are surprises. This Wednesday we had a share that exceeded 30%”.

Two-game semi-finals: “There are several factors. He is coming out phenomenal in audiences. Before it was back and forth. We did not want to have a finalist who had not played in his field. Getting a ticket for the final is difficult, but being a partner it is easier to see him at home “.

Athletic-Levante: “I liked it. The two semifinals have emotion until the end.”

Lopetegui and Koeman: “I do not share what they said but I respect it. Spain has played against the Faroe Islands on artificial grass. We have played in Malta and in stadiums where the grass is not like on our fields.”

Cervera: “The lower category team would like to have 60-80 million to compete with the First category. The Cup is here to stay.”

Audience in the Cup final: “Institutional loyalty obliges us to our governments. If the safety and health measures are met, we will see it.”

Percentage: “I do not know what is reasonable. We will be happy if there is that possibility and if we do not shut up. Everyone is looking forward to seeing a party.”

More help: “I have sent a letter to the president of the CSD and to the sports councils to start some competitions. We have asked that the same distribution be made as last year. We are helping the territorial federations.”

Deportivo relegation: “There are other issues that have to be discussed in the courts. We understand that there are actions that have to be considered thoroughly. We have appeared and are willing to collaborate. I was called on that day when since Saturday others knew that there were three positive. In an extreme situation it is communicated in another way. Neither we nor the CSD knew anything. The usual and the usual. The Federation has 80-90% of complaints that come from LaLiga or associations related to LaLiga. Federation has few against LaLiga “.

Women’s Football: “It is very frustrating when the players have up to five games to recover. 90% of the games have been played. We have reached several agreements such as maintaining the protocol. We are going to give priority to ending the competition and the Queen’s Cup If there is a delay due to the pandemic, we will have to understand it. ”

Match suspension: “We suspend matches at the request of the clubs when there is a health problem, due to major or administrative forces. We try to unify the criteria and that has led to inequalities.”

Ochotorena: “He’s a special guy. He’s part of this. It’s a mutual agreement. Thank him for his honesty.”

Luis Enrique’s decision: “They have discussed it among themselves and all the parties have reached that agreement.”

Basque team: “Spanish football without Basque would not be understood. Things have to be said clearly to avoid false expectations. Nowadays to compete officially you have to be an independent country.”

Covid: “I have been lucky and have had no symptoms. When you are at home you work long hours.”

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