Rivaldo: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Zidane left Madrid”

Rivaldo, FC Barcelona legend and Betfair ambassador, was very, very annoyed with the recent publication of a photomontage on the portada of France Football in which Leo Messi appeared wearing the PSG shirt. The Brazilian, winner in 1999 of the Ballon d’Or awarded precisely by France Football, believes that with a gesture like this disrespect to FC Barcelona, ​​but also to Messi himself.

“It is a very incorrect and disrespectful cover with Barcelona, ​​especially when there is hardly any left a week for the two to meet in the Champions League. And not only is she disrespectful to the club, but also with Messi himself, who could be damaged by all this“Rivaldo began his explanation.

“Let’s imagine that Barcelona lose this tie against PSG. A lot of fans and the press may even be able to argue that Messi was not 100% committed to the team for all this of the interest of PSG. The pressure that Messi is going to have is going to be gigantic, “added Rivaldo.” We don’t know if there have already been contacts between Messi and PSG, but even if it were true, andor I think Messi will always respect Barcelona and will play giving everything, giving 100% in each game while wearing his shirt “, he completed.

“I don’t know what a respected publication earns”

The Betfair ambassador continued to reflect on the publication of this cover. “It is an unnecessary provocation by France Football and a clear mistake, because is a highly respected publication around the world. I don’t see what they gain from this. Of course, it is part of the football world and we have already seen it in recent cases with Barcelona, ​​when for example they signed Griezmann or Braithwaite, but What annoys me is the timing, is that this is published when nothing is missing for this game“Rivaldo insisted.

“France Football has not given the Ballon d’Or in 2020 and maybe they’re trying to get some attention now, but for such a reputable magazineI honestly don’t think the time was right, “the Betfair ambassador insisted.

“We must congratulate Koeman’s work”

Rivaldo had words of congratulations towards Ronald Koeman and the decisions that the Dutch coach of FC Barcelona is taking. “We all expected that Koeman’s mission to manage this squad would be complicated, because the club is in a very turbulent phase, but the truth is that he is doing well and we must congratulate him for his work“he applauded.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

The Betfair ambassador gives the De Jong case as an example. “The other day, against Betis, Araujo was injured and pulled De Jong in a position that was not his. Well, it worked perfectly with 100% successful passes. Now we know that is an emergency option for that position. Koeman is intelligent and with his unexpected decisions he is solving these problems and getting the best out of the players at all times. ”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Zidane left at the end of the year”

On Real Madrid, the Betfair ambassador believes that the press is being unfair to Zidane, something that could have consequences at the end of the season. “The other day he got angry at a press conference. You are not being fair to him, his resume and his recent successes. He does not deserve it. He managed to win LaLiga in a magnificent final sprint of the season. Normal to be tired. I would not be surprised if the season ended with a title and that he left, leaving the club at the top again“, predicted Rivaldo.

“I don’t see Mbappé forcing his departure to Real Madrid”

Photo of de Kylian Mbappe

Rivaldo valued the possible continuity of Mbappé at PSG. “There are many rumors that place Mbappé at Real Madrid, but he himself has said that he is happy in Paris with Neymar and who wants to get more titles in the club. If to that we add the option that Messi arrives next season, I wouldn’t be surprised if he stayed longer. I don’t expect him to force his departure to Spain, at least in the short term. ”

“Ramos’s injury will give him time to think”

The Betfair ambassador believes that Ramos’ operation places his possible renewal with Real Madrid in a new setting. “It will have time to think, it will give you more options to reflect. And you need it because you need to weigh many factors. Although Sergio is happy at Real Madrid, he may be thinking of preparing a new adventure abroad, a new challenge for his successful career “, Rivaldo concluded.

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