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Riazor, Depor’s best asset to take off again

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Deportivo, after leading to the seventh day, has entered a deep pothole who took Fernando Vázquez ahead and has set off all the alarms. The blue and white They have only added two of the last twelve points at stake, they are five behind the Unionist leader and are third in the subgroup with the possibility that Celta B surpasses them also if you win your postponed match. Some disastrous numbers accompanied by similar feelings that did not change this weekend in Salamanca after the arrival of Rubén de la Barrera. Draw at the bottom of the bottom (0-0), a rival who was better and did not score from the second day of competition.

With this panorama, the Blue and Whites face the final stretch of the league in which their best ally will be Riazor. And is that Deportivo will play five of those eight games at home, a factor that it should take advantage of to take off again and climb positions. To date, the Coruñeses have played four games at their stadium with three victories (Salamanca, Coruxo and Racing) and one defeat (Celta B). Now, after two consecutive outings played in frozen fields (Zamora and Salamanca), Depor will have the opportunity to compensate with two straight games at home against Compostela and the Unionistas leader.

This final stretch of the calendar will not be the only factor that the Blue and Whites should take advantage of. Depor still has to play against all the teams that fight for the same goals, so they have in their hands to reverse the crisis in these direct confrontations. Thus, they will pass through Riazor Unionistas, Pontevedra and Zamora, while they will have to visit Racing de Ferrol and Celta B. In addition to the points, the golaverage will be at stake, which may be important given the equality in the classification. Another impulse must come from the infirmary, which should be emptied little by little. Depor traveled with ten casualties to Zamora and seven against Salamanca, with the absence of such important players as Diego Rolan, Uche Agbo or Keko.

Melissa Galbraith
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