Real Madrid reveals how it avoids injuries to its Players

Real Madrid reveals how it avoids injuries to its Players

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Globe Live Media, Monday, January 25, 2021

Real Madrid reveals how it avoids injuries to its Players

Injuries are one of the enemies that any team faces. Knowing how to physically prepare the players to prevent unexpected ailments is the great objective of every coaching staff. In the female Real Madrid this section is accompanied by an attempt to “create better athletes”, in line with a growing professionalism in the category. From the white club they reveal how they take care of and try to prevent injuries in their women’s dressing room, which is fighting to be in the Champions League next season.

The person in charge of telling the details of physical preparation and preventive work in the team led by David Aznar is his injury rehabilitation worker, Eugeniu Buza. “What we are trying is that there is the smallest possible separation between what is physical preparation and physical training,” Buza begins highlighting.

Real Madrid is looking for “stronger, faster athletes”

The Real Madrid women’s team retrainer considers that the “best strategy” is to find the perfect balance and transfer between training in the gym and on the pitch, physiotherapy and the rehabilitation work they do. “We would talk about a training that is capable of educating athletes who are stronger, faster, more flexible and better adapted to the changing circumstances of the game”, Buza details.

Along these lines, Eugeniu points out that fatigue is one of the “greatest enemies” they face. “By monitoring the quality of rest, either with objective or subjective measures, we achieve at all times adapt the demands of the training process to the current state of the equipment “, he underlines, before concluding: “What has been seen over the years is that preventive work must really create better athletes. Thus, indirectly, we manage to prevent injuries ”

Real Madrid faces a very demanding week in the Primera Iberdrola. Tomorrow he faces Santa Teresa (19:00) in the League, after not having played this weekend due to the postponement of his match against Logroño due to COVID-19. And, next Sunday (12:00) the new ‘Clásico’, popularly known, will play against Barcelona. A decisive duel in his intentions to continue in the Champions zone, where he has remained second since before Christmas.

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