Raptors dry Luka Doncic and amplify Mavs crisis

Raptors dry Luka Doncic and amplify Mavs crisis

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The Mavericks they are going through many hardships and Raptors, whose start to the season is disappointing, have taken advantage of it. Opportunities like this should not be missed. The Texas team has little more to do than resign itself to what it has: a spectacular Doncic that must assume too much prominence, a Porzingis that he still has is getting into rhythm and, above all, a low rotation in which the coronavirus has taken its toll. They recovered Hardaway, another leg on which to lean to get easy points, compared to the previous game, but Kleber, Richardson, Powell and Finney-Smith, four very important players, continue out by the protocol of the League. For Rick Carlisle, the coach, is being “a killer week”.

In Tampa Bay the Mavericks they faced the Canadians Raptors, someone else’s house also because of the pandemic. And the locals played until they saw the opportunity to strike and win the game. Without much suffering and leaving his rival in improper numbers. Dallas, a team that marveled last year for its offensive ability, narrowly surpassed 90 points. Although Carlisle emphasizes that the defensive effort is what they have to work on considering their circumstances, few players to put and little general experience for the moments of important decisions. The narrator of the franchise’s official radio, Chuck Cooperstein, rate the course of these days as “the first real crisis of the season”.

Pacing was one of Dallas’ main problems. Because, indeed, the problem here was containment. They weren’t able to stop him, only to adjust to him and ride until they fell off their horse. With that Toronto counted and it did see it in the second half, where they took the game forward. The attacks, not only at the beginning but during a good part of the day, were in brilliant transitions or already in static but without rushing the possession clock. It is not the style of Nick Nurse, but knowing how to see the occasion is also virtue.

Doncic was still with the reconcome of the previous game, a day before, in which he made 30 points in the first and then fell apart. He played a good game, but he publicly flagellated himself saying he had been too selfish. With that in mind he played against the Raptors and went more unnoticed, something that does not come close to the Mavericks with what they have on top. The Slovenian, with 0/3 in triples and only 11 attempted shots, preferred to give more prominence to other teammates, but the strategy made waters. Anunoby and Johnson, elbow included for the latter, did a good job of containing the genius from Ljubljana.

The first break of the headlines was what forced a first advantage that touched the ten. But the Mavs bounced back well because of Brunson’s savvy and second-round entry from Porzingis, who looks good after starting the offseason. A good part of the visitors left the match tied at half-time (47-47). On another day when VanVleet was not found, it was Kyle Lowry (23) and Norman Powell (17) who ripped the stickers from Green and Burke and trained, with the triples of Anunoby and the bites of Boucher, a second partial (20 -5) that in the third quarter crushed the morale of Carlisle’s troops.

There was no more air and the Raptors finished the task calmly. Although the Mavs’ defensive errors, as the coach pointed out, are a problem. And not only did they occur in the last minutes, given the wear, throughout the match there was a lack of communication between the players and with experts such as Johnson and Hardaway, although the latter does not stand out for this, lost to a team that had only won four of the twelve games played.

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