Ramos’ setback leaves five proper names in Madrid: Varane, Militao, Nacho, Chust and Alaba

Ramos’ setback leaves five proper names in Madrid: Varane, Militao, Nacho, Chust and Alaba

Real Madrid A new ‘boss’, his substitutes, the future replacement and a youth squad making merits

ESergio Ramos’ serious setback in the form of injury leaves a huge void and five proper names at Real Madrid. Zidane needs a new ‘boss’ in defense, choose the new substitute to fill the captain’s vacancy, expand the wardrobe background and finish polishing the details of the future relay. And for all those questions are Varane, Militao, Nacho, Chust and Alaba.

Varane in command and grown

Without Ramos, Varane take command of the center behind. The Frenchman is back in the spotlight because he has not been able to fully dispel doubts about his leadership when the captain is not there. He has vindicated himself in this regard. The shadow of Ramos is very long and the data show that without him, Madrid suffers and it is difficult for them to get the results forward.

Something that directly affects a Varane called to take Sergio’s stripes in the near future. However, in the last few absences the Frenchman has not fared well at all and has even had to defend himself. “I make Sergio Ramos better and Sergio Ramos makes me better,” he said at a press conference last November. Now all the spotlights will be on him again.

In Huesca I reconquered a good part of the lost ground in this sense with a great performance crowned with a decisive scoring double with which Real Madrid rallied the match to take a victory suffered, with the French in ‘hero mode’.

Nacho, first candidate

Nacho has always been the solution to all defense problems and part with an advantage to be the first candidate to replace Ramos and form a couple with Varane. In fact, against Huesca he formed in the eleven although it is true that without having the competence of a Militao who was dismissed by penalty. Just after the Covid, Zidane put him to play to get out of a new predicament.

Nacho is a member of Zidane’s ‘old guard’, one of his most loyal soldiers and who has all the confidence of the technician. The last two seasons are not being easy for the youth squad, who has been losing presence in the team. But the loss of Ramos opens the doors to a greater role, a golden opportunity considering that it is another of the players whose renewal is pending.

A new occasion for Militao

The Brazilian is another of the bullets in Zidane’s chamber to survive Ramos’s absence. Militao has many pending accounts to pay off and a new opportunity presents itself at a delicate moment for him. The red one against Levante last day was the final chapter on a disappointing trajectory as a madridista.

While waiting to know the extent of the muscular discomfort that it drags, the next few weeks will keep a pulse with Nacho to make a place for himself next to Varane and remove the bad taste from his mouth of his last appearances, many of them marked by painful defeats who have left it pointed out with others members of ‘plan B‘.

Chust seeks to make merits

The continuous injuries behind have led the youth squad to acquire more and more presence in the first team and with greater continuity. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to earn credit and earn a future in the first team. The center-back and captain of the Youth League champion team held last summer in Nyon is Zinedine Zidane’s bet when the defense is low, as it is happening in recent weeks and more after the ‘blow’ from Ramos. An alternative for the future that looks for your site in the first template.

Alaba, a ‘galactic’ successor

The injury and uncertain renewal of Ramos adds more importance to the arrival of Alaba as the galactic relief of the great captain, whether he extends his contract thinking long-term, or if he does not have his goodbye covered with a player of hierarchy and ‘top’ world.

Real Madrid already has the agreement closed with Alaba. Austrian player sign for the next four seasons and the defender has already passed the medical examination. Contract ends in June 2021, so they get free to the white set. It is considered a strategic signing due to the amount of defensive solutions that it will give to the white team, beyond the club covers its back in the case of not reaching an agreement with Ramos.

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