Promofarma FFP2 masks: price, how long they last and where to buy online

Promofarma FFP2 masks: price, how long they last and where to buy online

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The health authorities continue to pronounce, a year after the start of this pandemic, on the use of masks and which type is the most appropriate for citizens. In the last weeks, some European countries have established the FFP2 type as mandatory, which have a higher level of protection, especially after knowing that there are new variants of the virus.

Germany, France and Austria are some of those countries that have already adopted this measure. For its part, in Spain it is still a recommendation use this type of mask, although doctors and pharmacists recognize that it is safer than surgical ones.

What price do they have?

In the company specialized in pharmacy, parapharmacy and cosmetic products, PromoFarma, a pack of 20 units is sold at a price of € 18.90 (less than € 1 for each mask). Also, remember that they are not reusable. Another more expensive model costs € 18.71 for 10 units. They can be purchased on the company’s website.

High percentage of inhaled air filtration

Among the most outstanding characteristics is that they protect against external agents, such as bacteria, viruses and contaminants. They effectively limit the spread of contagion, thanks to 92% filtering capacity of inhaled air.

When do you have to replace them?

Its period of use is between four and eight hours, maximum. And they should not be used after three days of use. In addition, if they become deformed, wet or suffer any other damage, they must be disposed of immediately. Finally, they must be kept in a cool and dry environment to guarantee their conservation and good condition.

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