“Pressure? When I was starving in the favela, I really suffered from it”

“Pressure? When I was starving in the favela, I really suffered from it”

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Antony continues to be at the center of the media spotlight at Ajax. Days ago he received the award for best player of the month of December while trophies continue to accumulate for the MVP of the match. His surprising great adaptation has not gone unnoticed by anyone and in an interview with Globe Sports He has declared not to feel any pressure. What’s more, he affirms that the pressure he really experienced in his childhood: “Speaking with my representatives and my family, I said that the biggest pressure I’ve ever felt was when I lived in the favela. At 9:00 in the morning I would go to school and only eat something at 9:00 at night. “

“Everyone said it would be very cold, another language was spoken … and since he knew he was going to sign for Ajax he was prepared for all that. The cold wouldn’t get in the way and we got used to it fast. I mentally prepared myself to adapt well“, he clarified about his arrival in Amsterdam, a city so different from Sao Paulo.

In addition, and as he already mentioned in his interview with AS in November, he spoke about the facilities that he has given have a partner like David Neres, also a former Sao Paulo, and the physical trainer, Alessandro Schoenmaker, another Brazilian.

Another issue he addressed was the physical change I need to make the leap to Europe. In his talk with this newspaper he confessed that during his quarantine he was working with a member of the coaching staff to score more goals and now he explains what that work translated into: “From 62 kilos I went to 69 in muscle mass. I was focused every day and thinking of getting here prepared.” A physical change that is being demonstrated in these first months in European football that was a complete success.

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