Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady could be invited to play ‘the Match’ golf match

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady could be invited to play ‘the Match’ golf match

In 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic and before the NFL season began, Tom Brady teamed up with Phil Mickelson to face Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning in the golf game known as ‘The Match’.

The meeting was televised nationally and had a great impact. Manning and Woods took advantage of the great level of the golfer to take the victory. The event raised nearly $ 20 million.

Carry four legends: two golf and two NFL it was something that drew millions of viewers, including celebrities like Charles Barkley, Russell Wilson.

Mahomes vs Brady rematch

According to the TMZ portal, the organizers of the famous game ‘The Match’ want to do this game again, and they have in mind the last two quarterbacks of the Super Bowl: Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.

The rematch for the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback it would arrive before even the start of the season, although clearly it would not be anywhere near the same as it suffered on Sunday, February 7.

For the moment Few details are known about this duel ‘The Match’, as it is expected that as it happened last yearThere are also two golf legends, although it is still unknown.

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