The Atlético-Real Madrid derby, which takes place this Sunday at 9:00 p.m., is gaining intensity with the focus on the Real Madrid striker, Vinicius, for his way of playing and celebrating goals, and Neymar was the last to join a tweet haranguing his teammate: “Dance, Vini JR.”

This Thursday, the captain of Atlético, Koke, was asked at a press conference about the controversy surrounding the Brazilian in Mallorca and his response was forceful: “If he scores a goal and decides to dance, that’s what he wanted to do. Each one he has his way of being and celebrates the goals as I want”, answered the Madrilenian. And about whether he would understand the fans of the Metropolitan, he assured that “there would be trouble for sure, the most normal.”

The reactions have begun and the most striking has been that of the PSG striker, who has also published a photo on Instagram this morning with a message that encourages him to continue displaying his way of being. Dance Viny, dance! Haggle, dance and be yourself! Happy as you are… Come on up my boy, we’ll dance to the next goal,” he wrote on Instagram.

Controversy against Mallorca

The Mallorca players ended up upset with the Brazilian after Sunday’s game at the Santiago Bernabéu, while the Madrid side closed ranks around the player, considering that he does nothing wrong with his celebrations after scoring. “He doesn’t have to change anything about his attitude,” Carlo Ancelotti said after the match.

In the images collected by the program El Día de After, Vinícius could be seen complaining on several occasions that his opponents did not stop fouling him: “They don’t let me play, foul, foul, foul”. In fact, the match referee, Figueroa Vázquez, agreed with the Brazilian: “Yeah, but we can only do that,” he explained. For his part, the Mallorca players felt bad that Vinícius celebrated his goal with a dance. We will have to see now what happens on Sunday.

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