Muguruza: “My tennis is there, I have positive feelings”

Muguruza: “My tennis is there, I have positive feelings”

With the logical disappointment for having lost the final of the Yarra Valley Classic against Ashleigh Barty, but with a very positive attitude, Garbiñe Muguruza He attended the media from Melbourne to talk about the match and the Australian Open.

Tournament balance: “Even though I just lost the final and I feel a bit sad, I think it has been a very good week in which I have played very good matches at a high level. It’s a good sign that my tennis is there, although the finals no one likes to lose. It was a good game, tough against Ashleigh (Barty), who played very well. I get a lot of positive things and feelings from my game, from how it’s going ”.

Key to defeat: “She played very well, with a very powerful serve and with her game, which is different from the other tennis players, with other strokes. It is at a very good level. It had a lot of merit, and despite everything I have had many opportunities that I should have taken advantage of. I was very close in a very close match ”.

Styles: “It is interesting that each one of them has their own game, most of them have a more back-court style, more aggressive, flatter. There are others that adapt to his physique and Barty’s tennis is very talented and has improved a lot. It’s nice to see different styles and each of us find our weapons ”.

Australia box: “What I’ve seen is that I play Gasparyan in the first round, it’s the only thing. I am happy to be able to play on Tuesday for one of the exceptions of the tournament, after an intense week of matches ”.

Aspirations: “I don’t know, I just think about starting the tournament on the right foot.”

Best arrival in Australia ?: “Not necessarily. I had other moments when he was able to train me well without playing so many games in a row. I think this year is good, it is different, but neither better nor worse. What is true is that I arrive with more competition ”.

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