Messi Has Signed the Most Expensive Contract in Sport With Barcelona

Messi Has Signed the Most Expensive Contract in Sport With Barcelona

The contract of the Argentine footballer Lionel Messi with FC Barcelona amounts to 555,237,619 gross euros, to be paid in four seasons –between 2017/2018 and the current one– until its expiration, on June 30, which makes it the “most expensive contract in sports history.”

The newspaper El Mundo publishes exclusively in this Sunday’s edition the terms of said contract, the amount of which it clarifies is “the sum of fixed salary, image rights, a series of unpublished multimillion-dollar bonuses to date, allowances and a string of variables depending on of diverse objectives “.

According to the newspaper “the net computation, once taxes have been applied (the highest rate of personal income tax for income from your employment contract, and that of corporation tax for income from your image contract), in addition to deductions of the Social Security, represents more than half of this amount: around 297 million euros “.

The remuneration represents, according to El Mundo, 138,809,404 gross euros (74,900,000 net), which is broken down as follows: 380,299 gross euros per day (210,297 euros net), to which we must add the operating income of his image, section in which the player also reserves up to 80% of the income obtained from this concept.

The document signed by the player and the club consists of 30 pages, divided between an employment contract (85% of the amounts agreed) and one for image rights (15% of the salary that the Law allows clubs to pay for This concept).

In the income reflected in the contract, the existence of two bonuses is revealed, one for the renewal of the contract, and the other for loyalty.

The first would represent an amount of 115,225,000 euros, while the second would amount to practically 78 million. Of these amounts, Messi would have already secured the collection of 92% of his contract.

In addition, the information also reflects that Messi’s perceptions double the cost of all of its sports sections for Barcelona.

The document, in addition to that of Lionel Andrés Messi, bears the signatures on behalf of FC Barcelona of the former president, Josep Maria Bartomeu i Floreta, the former sports vice president, Jordi Mestre Masdeu, and the entity’s CEO, Óscar Grau Gomar.

The information appears weeks after the club’s memory revealed the enormous financial debt that the Barça entity has (1,173 million euros), of which 730 million are short-term and 196 for transfers to other teams.

In recent days, a report from the club’s technical secretariat was also leaked, outlining the situation of the first team centrals and recommending the signing of Eric García (Manchester City).

The Barça club, immersed in a serious institutional and economic crisis, has been without a board of directors since the end of October, when Josep Maria Bartomeu’s team resigned and a management board, chaired by Carles Tusquets, took command of the institution since then .

The Manager hastened the legal terms as much as possible and called elections for the end of January, but the health recommendations determined that they should be held on March 7, in agreement with the three presidential candidates: Joan Laporta, Víctor Font and Toni Freixa .

Precisely Tusquets, who is in favor of hiring Eric García, made some statements at the beginning of December, which he later had to clarify, in which he admitted that “economically” he was in favor of the sale of Leo Messi.

“Economically, he would have sold Messi. It would have been the most desirable, and more so taking into account the salary limits established by LaLiga,” he said. 

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