UFC superstar Conor McGregor has hinted that he’s close to returning to the octagon after proudly showing off a video of some of his MMA highlights online, promising to show the “the greatest and greatest sporting comeback in all history”.

The Irishman has been absent from the UFC for over a year after sustaining a gruesome fracture to his lower left leg towards the end of the first round in his trilogy fight with heated rival Dustin Poirier in July 2021, but reports indicate that he has been amping up his training in recent months as he gets back into top form.

McGregor was cleared to return to full contact combat in April and has cataloged his preparations for his army of around 55 million social media followers, with the latest teaser being a carefully edited video package showcasing the former champion’s victories. two-weight world championship against the likes of Donald Cerrone, Jose Aldo, Eddie Alvarez and Poirier (in his first fight about eight years ago).

“The greatest and greatest sporting comeback in all history”, McGregor wrote next to the short clip.

“Will you be a witness?”

However, the precise details of McGregor’s return remain a mystery, especially after it was recently announced that the Irishman will be making his Hollywood debut in the popular action flick ‘Road House’ opposite Jake Gyllenhaal.

No timetable has been offered as to when we might see the UFC’s most bankable star step onto the octagon canvas once again, though several of his teammates have been trying to position themselves to be his foil once McGregor dons the 4oz gloves.

Charles Oliveira openly stated that he would have preferred to fight McGregor for the vacant UFC lightweight title, but was instead placed in a contest with Russian standout Islam Makhachev.

“I didn’t want this fight. Everybody knows”, Oliveira said recently, discussing the confrontation with Makhachev.

“I wanted the big payout from the other fight [McGregor]. However, everyone knows that I am an employee of the UFC. You can’t escape that. So we try to negotiate from all angles.”

Another top contender, Michael Chandler, has also indicated his desire to face the Dubliner, but adds that McGregor’s status in the sport has “earned him the right” to select who he fights next.

“That fight with Conor, obviously I’m serious.”, Chandler said in May.

“You’re going to be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t think I’m one of the most exciting guys on the planet right now. And I think I’ve already tried it numerous times. Conor needs a big fight to put butts in seats, to sell pay-per-views. And a fight at 170 would be much better than 155.

“Conor has earned the right to keep his options open. He is an icon of combat sports. He is one of the biggest sports stars on the planet and he deserves to be able to make his decisions when he wants to make his decisions.”

And judging by McGregor’s recent statements on social media, someone is having their ‘Red Panty Night’ soon, and you can expect several fighters in two different weight classes to bicker with each other over who should witness it firsthand.

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