Marcelino: “We can’t spend a minute in Valencia”

Marcelino: “We can’t spend a minute in Valencia”

Athletic’s coach, Marcelino García Toral, He understands that against Levante, in the first leg of the Cup semi-final, they played “a weak first half, to access a final you have to play at a better level, it is true that the level generated little, but it dominated us. We improved in the end. , but it is little baggage “, to clarify that in the second half the decoration changed diametrically:” We were the Athletic that we want, we compete at a very good level, and approaching that level of play with which we can be in the final “. He emphasizes that,Although they have been able to reduce the odds of the final with that 1-1, “we are in the fight, it is the conviction that we have, they are competitive and winners”

Marcelino points out a maxim for the return stake of these Cup semifinals: “We cannot leave even a minute in Valencia” and it leaves him bad body: “No good, we wanted to win and go with an advantage, but we fit and we go with a draw to one. It cannot leave us with a good taste in our mouths, “he emphasizes. However, he understands that the second act “marks the way” for them and his goalkeeper, Cárdenas, “had very good performances and his defenses in one-on-one actions.”

Football is not composed of “one facet” and maintains that “many simple balls were lost, nor did we play calmly to progress”. he reviews a “thick” game in those first 45 minutes, with “precipitation” for in the final stretch “to get Levante closer to his area” and reiterates “we have to demand more of ourselves.”

Three changes at halftime, with the two midfielders relieved, Marcelino corrected: “We did not have the optimal adequate activation to play this game, perhaps because of anxiety, it is possible, we were not comfortable.” And regrets that “they scored with their only chance” and a midfielder (Melero) “He cannot appear at the penalty spot alone.” Therefore, he reveals, “we made the decision of the changes, with a more offensive player than De Marcos and rectify in the middle “, clarifies.

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