Under the title of The Daughter of God, it is anticipated through a statement that Maradona’s 34-year-old daughter intends to explore the life of her father who is considered one of the best players of all time.

As announced, the footage will have unique access to first-person family files and anecdotes revealed for the first time. The statement says that they will be present “both in the moments of joy and glory and in the controversial situations that marked his life”.

There are already non-fiction materials about the footballer. One of them is available on the platform HBO Max. This is the approach of the acclaimed filmmaker Asif Kapadia who recovers more than 500 hours of unpublished personal archive recordings and with the absolute support of Maradona, this is the definitive Documentary about the charismatic enigma that Diego represents.

On that same platform is the exercise of Sebastián Alfie who in Diego the last goodbye, tried to recreate the last year in the life of the footballer told by friends, family and former teammates.

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