Madrid inside and four on the wire

Madrid took revenge on the exotic Sheriff

As expected, Madrid took revenge on the exotic Sheriff, a team that has put itself on the sentimental map of the European fans for its spirited performance in this its first appearance in the Champions League. But yesterday I said that this is not being the most lucid edition for our football and this is confirmed, because the classification of the other four is on the wire. The last damage occurred last night with the fall of Atleti against Milan. The rojiblancos played a bad game from start to finish, they fell to a tactical rival, and now they are forced to win in Porto.

Milan came out bossy in the Metropolitano, as urged by their position in the table, and it was no wonder. He is back in Europe and he cannot afford the cante to get down the first time. Pioli applied all the old science of the Italian tactical school to close the exits to Atleti. But with the ball at his feet it was hardly scary Except when Brahim intervened, who changed the ‘andante’ with which Tonali and Kessié started the game for a ‘alegro vivace’ that startled the athletic fans, but that did not translate into anything because Milan has little up to specify the proposals of the Malaga midfielder

Atleti seemed to return from the break with another disposition and released two quick flashes, Lemar and Carrasco auctions that raised the public from their seats. But it was an outburst that came to nothing. Atlético did not spin, it was not found. De Paul made his first bad game since he arrived. Nobody gave his measurement. The changes did not change anything at Atleti, while those of Milan did rub their legs and return control to the visitor, who reached the jackpot very late, with a goal that ended up complicating Atleti’s life. Bad result, worse game, and a desperate trip to Porto on the horizon.

Melissa Galbraith
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