Madrid see it easier to sign Haaland before Mbappé

Madrid see it easier to sign Haaland before Mbappé

Madrid see the signing of Haaland (20) easier than that of Mbappé (22). From Paris come signs of evidence of an early renewal of the French star with PSG. Madrid cannot reach, not even far, the 36 million gross euros offered by the state of Qatar.

On the contrary, Haaland’s salary is much more affordable by the white entity and would fit better in Madrid’s finances. The Norwegian forward now earns 4 million net at Dortmund. Bringing him closer to 12 wouldn’t be a problem.

On the other hand, if the negotiation with PSG for Mbappé seems very tough, the one that Madrid will propose with Dortmund for Haaland will be much more feasible. The white club is on pole for the Norwegian due to several factors.

The first of them, it is evident, by the good disposition of Haaland himself, that Madrid knows first-hand from Odegaard. They are both excellent friends and teammates. But, secondly and more importantly when the time comes, Borussia is considered a friendly club by Madrid and its CEO, Hans-Joaquim Watzke, is a great admirer of Florentino Pérez and his career.

Watzke and Florentino have formed a great friendship from the time Real Madrid and Dortmund met six times from 2012 to 2014. Since then, collaboration in all ECA matters between both entities has been absolute and Madrid facilitated the transfers of Achraf y Reinier.

The third leg of the bench is Haaland’s representative, Mino Raiola. His figure, contrary to what is being said in recent days due to the relationship he may have with Laporta, also favors the interests of Real Madrid.

His relationship with Florentino Pérez remains non-existent since Pogba’s frustrated signing in 2016, but in recent months he has greatly strengthened ties with José Ángel Sánchez. The super agent wants to start working with Real Madrid and Haaland is the ideal man to do so.

Photo by Erling Braut Haaland

Everything indicates that the signing of Haaland is more feasible than that of Mbappé, but not that it can be cheap. As confirmed to AS sources of all solvency of Borussia Dortmund, there is no signed clause that allows Haaland to leave in the summer of 2022 for 75 million euros.

Just a verbal pact with Raiola to facilitate his departure from that moment. Not surprisingly, the agent brought the Norwegian to Dortmund at a very reasonable price: 20 million euros plus 23 in commissions (8 for the father and 15 for Raiola himself).

But everything that is to remove Haaland before that 2022, for example next summer, is subject to the money that Dortmund wants to ask for the fashionable forward. A Dembelé, for example, he sold to Barça for 140 million. You will want a similar number.

Before the storm broke over their future, Haaland and Raiola had a clear strategy to follow: Borussia was the ideal place to be until 2022 and grow. A quiet club that takes care of young people in which to finish becoming a player.

But those plans could take a drastic turn because of Madrid’s interest in doing the operation now and because of Borussia’s eventual obligation to cash in with one of its two stars, Haaland himself or Jadon Sancho.

Dortmund’s income has fallen this season by 75 million due to the crisis and the situation could be worse if it is confirmed that they do not enter the Champions League.

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