Real Madrid, Atleti and Villarreal already celebrate their qualification to the knockout stages of the Champions League. The whites, as first, after executing two goals, from Kroos and Asensio, to Inter at the Bernabéu.

The rojiblancos, seconds after their feat in of the dragon, buckled by goals from Griezmann, Correa and De Paul. And Villarreal, also second after beating Atalanta in Bergamo.

Also, being selfishThey should also smile at the elimination of Barcelona and Seville. Not because of rivalry, but because this will mean a small economic injection for the teams of the capital by grace of the famous ‘market pool’ de la UEFA.

It’s about a economic distribution system among the participating countries in the edition of the Champions League in question which is based on its audiovisual value. A percentage, the latter, which is closed by the European body and is divided among the teams from each country.

That is to say, in France they will distribute the corresponding between three teams, while in England, for example, it will be between four. In Spain there is a small variation that we will now deal with, since Villarreal disputes the highest continental competition as Europa League champion.

Thus, of the total of 300.3 million euros of net income destined to the ‘market pool’, our country corresponds to approximately 20 percent. Let’s break down why Madrid, Atleti and Villarreal ‘it is convenient’ to eliminate the rest.

The ‘Villarreal factor’

That 20 percent supposes about 60 million euros to be distributed among the five LaLiga teams. 50 percent (30 million), according to the league classification of the previous year: 40 percent for the champion, 30 for the second, 20 for the third and 10 for the fourth.

In this case, Villarreal is out for not having qualified for his merits in the league. The other half, another 30 million euros, is distributed according to the total matches played by each of the teams. Here yes the set is included yellow and it is this second criterion that provides extra income to the teams in the capital and to the Castellón team.

It’s simple. The less number of games played by their compatriots, the better economically for those entities that continue ahead in the competition. The amount will not be final until everyone is eliminated or, to the joy of the fans in question, one raises the Orejona.

Thus, Madrid, Atleti and Villarreal, with the confirmed eliminations of Barça and Seville, will enter an extra minimum of approximately 3 million euros, which could amount to a total of almost 5 as the competition progresses, with respect to the amount they would have received if the Blaugranas and Hispanics had passed the round.

A maximum of 9.73 million euros

The minimum that the five Spanish teams had insured was 3.13 million and if they had all been cited in the second round they would have insured 4.03. With the classification of those of Emery, Madrid, Atleti and Villarreal will enjoy 5.08 million.

At the moment, the ‘market pool’ has already delivered 12 million euros to Atleti as current champion, 9 to Real Madrid as runner-up, 6 to Barça as third and 3 to Sevilla as fourth. The rest of the variables analyzed here depend on the pay extra.

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