luxurious looks of Miley Cyrus in the Super Bowl

Luxurious looks of Miley Cyrus in the Super Bowl

The American singer gave a show prior to the Super Bowl, where in addition to singing, she showed that fashion is not at odds with sport.

It has been only a few hours since the Super Bowl came to an end and although fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cannot be thrilled to have won this year, fashionistas are no strangers to this event that also has a display of trends that you cannot miss.

In addition to The Weeknd’s Halftime Show and her Givenchy outfit with more than 250 rubies, there was another singer who stole the spotlights, before the players were on the field of play: Miley Cyrus , the singer gave a previous concert dedicated to the staff health, to whom he sent an emotional message of gratitude and admiration.

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Although the concert was quite moving and everyone saw him singing “Party in USA” at the top of his lungs, we must accept that his costume changes were his best allies in leaving his fans and admirers of the NFL with their mouths open. Their looks were so accurate that here at De Ultima we will tell you all the details of each one.

Before the stage.

Before Miley came up to give her presentation, she shared an image with her fans on Instagram where she was seen wearing one of the pieces from the collection that Alesaandro Michelle delivered for the luxurious Italian firm Gucci.

For this look, she wore a green cotton t-shirt printed in white letters with an oversize cut, denim shorts and boots, which were a casual look that will become an inspiration for this season where what is sought is to look relaxed and without leaving style aside.

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On the stage

Ok, fashion doesn’t even rest on the weekend, so we know how Miley’s concert was in Tampa and if you haven’t seen it, it’s time you saw it. Apart from the mini comeback that Hanna Montana had when she sang The Climb; Miley opted for two looks that are also the work of the Italian firm Gucci.

The first look  we saw at the show was this custom-made cheerleader look by brand and costume designer Michael Schmidt. This black leather design with pink and fuchsia details forming a tailored mini skirt and a crossover crop top at the neck was everything we expected from a Miley show 

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Her look was complemented by her golden mullet and a mani that made the perfect match with this 100% rocker outfit. The details of her nail art she shared on Instagram, where we can see her black mani with decorations that simulate body piercings and that although it is something quite risky, we love it.

Paying tribute to her performance at the 2013 VMA’s, Miey brought out a pink rubber finger that we urgently need just because we liked the design. Another point in his look are the initials FTW, which in Spanish is “Por la Victoria”. Well, even though she was neutral about supporting a team, her suit sent the best vibes to both teams (although we already know that Tom Brady’s team was the winner).

Her second look

If you liked the rock cheerleader , the second outfit was the icing on the cake of his presentation since he again opted for garments created by Gucci for his show. In this part of her concert, she wore a black sequin top, white high-waisted pants with side embroidery that matched the shirt, and silver pumps.

For this look a bit more relaxed than the first, we saw her show off her golden mullet with a makeup that stood out thanks to the use of her silver shadows. With this look, Miley brought us back to Hanna Montana by singing her old songs.

Although this concert was not done alone and had the participation of stars such as Joan Jett and Billy Idol, Miley did not let the health contingency stop her and gave us winks of the most top presentations she had in the old normality.

VIDEO. Miley Cyrus opened the Super Bowl with a vaccinated audience

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