Lionel Messi on Qatar: “I feel a great similarity to the Brazil 2014 group”

Lionel Messi on Qatar: “I feel a great similarity to the Brazil 2014 group”

The Argentina of Lionel Scaloni, is one of the best selections today and by a long way. Something that had not been seen in recent years. The Argentine coach has created a squad with a lot of talent and with the desire to make history in a very important competition for them and their fans.

After leaving a good image in the Conmebol qualifiers, winning the America Cup and raise the “Final” the albiceleste was widely believed to be a team that can compete against other top-level teams. In addition, Lionel Messi himself wanted to make it clear that he has a very attractive group to win every game.

“Today I feel a lot of similarities between this group and the one in 2014 and all that process until the end of the World Cup. It seems very similar to me on that side, the group that was put together, the group and mental strength I think is very important ”, commented Lionel Messi.

“Afterwards I think I learned how to start the World Cup well and win the first game, I think it is fundamental and it marks you a lot for the rest of the World Cup. And I don’t know, then I’m taking things that I was learning “, the striker continued.

The comparison of the Argentine star is very striking and attractive, because in Brazil 2014 they lost the final against Germany with a slate of (1-0) with a goal in the addition of Mario Gotze, fact that left without a championship Lionel Messi.

Now the next step is to win every match of the Qatar 2022 Groups to seek classification and thus later face the best classified teams of the World Cup that is about to begin.

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