Levante approved and suspended: Melero and Cárdenas support the dream

Levante approved and suspended: Melero and Cárdenas support the dream

Cardenas: Spectacular with the ball at his feet, showing a confidence and maturity unbecoming of his age and his background. His strength is probably in his head, despite the fact that he has optimal conditions to function under the arc. He took out a superb hand when he came out of the break at a shot from Raúl García. He pulled out three hands in a row in an outburst of Marcelino’s. He could do little in both Iñigo Martínez’s goal.

Coke: It was the first granota booked for hitting Muniain without the ball in between. He started the team from the right, contesting Cárdenas’ shipments. He put a key ball to De Frutos to assist in the goal. He left his place to Son on the first shift.

Postigo: The Madrilenian was very aware of Williams, in front of which his pulse did not tremble to measure himself in speed. He distributed judiciously from behind, being key in the action of the first goal. He riled up Athletic ‘9’, who went to the bench without generating a greater sense of danger.

Duarte: Very serious game by the Costa Rican central defender, who intercepted a couple of shots in a providential way to arrive dead at the hands of Cárdenas. He ended up sore muscularly from the effort after a great physical exhaustion.

Clerc: More restrained than usual, the Catalan side was very aware of Athletic’s right wing, with De Marcos and Capa striking from his side. And later Berenguer. Iñigo Martínez won the game in the action of the tying goal, with an imposing head.

Of Fruits: Agitator from the right, he took the first yellow of the meeting to Iñigo Martínez when he tested him in speed outside the zone. The Segovian, a goal factory from the right, assisted Melero to get ahead of the match. It was diluted with the passing of the minutes. The first half is over.

Radoja: Levante need a player like him to hold the center of the field, do the dirty work and fight the balls overlooked. In addition, accompanied by Melero, he had a perfect complement to prevail in the air game. Fundamental in San Mamés. It was everywhere.

Melero: He had the first chance of the match, but his shot, practically with his shoulder, went high. The second, he did not fail. He himself started the action in the center of the field and finished it inside the area: his specialty. Very successful, in addition, in the distribution and is always a guarantee of work in the wide area. He had to retire injured.

Bardhi: He put the necessary drop of talent in a team turned upside down to leave his skin in Bilbao, but perhaps the dose of effort that he prints as a ’10’ of the team is more important. He was especially embedded in the left to form a firm four line ahead of the defense. He also took a step back in the second half.

Morales: When the captain and the star of the team fight as ‘The Commander’, words are unnecessary. Lead by example. However, he lacked presence in the final meters, especially when the team was going through its best moment. With the tie, he tried again to throw the team behind his back, looking one by one constantly in band.

Roger: He fights everything, and always with judgment and sense. He generated a key space in the goal of Melero, but they did not nourish him with balls within the area with which to generate things with his presence. He ended up leaving his place to Dani Gómez. He did not have his match.


Son: Bet more offensive by Paco López for the right lane. Somewhat nervous came out and it was noticeable more.

Malsa: He replaced the injured Melero. Man for man. The French, of a more defensive profile.

Dani Gomez: He entered for Roger, who was not having his best performance, to add fresh legs in attack and try to take advantage of his speed into space.

Rochina: Change of course on the right, with a more static Rochina than De Frutos, but with a left leg to take advantage of. He came out again without adequate tension and lost more ball than he generated. He was more aware of Muniain than playing.

Link: He entered for Bardhi in the final stretch, to add one more cash in defense.

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