Las Palmas tests a Castellón in full fall

Las Palmas tests a Castellón in full fall

The Castellón receive the visit of Las Palmas with the need of add back, after four consecutive defeats, to reengage in the fight for permanence, already four points away (follow the game live on GLM). Precisely those of Pepe Mel reaped a victory the last day in front of Cartagena that drives away the ghost of descent and projects them to the quiet zone from the table.

Emergencies they start to seize Juan Carlos Garrido’s team, where the results and sensations are far from the premiere compared to the Sporting. Since then, four defeats followed and a pressing lack of goal that makes the entity look for solutions even out of the market. Moyano and Bodiger, the new ones have settled on eleven. Khrin, for his part, follow out of combat, just like Ortuño and Satrústegui.

The Valencian coach follows the line of the first meeting, but the line has seemed to deviate from the premiere. With Campos recovered, Iago Indias is still the great Garrido stage revelation, accompanied by Moyano, Gálvez Y Victor in defence. Bodiger entrenched in the spinal cord, with predictably Carles salvador as a dance partner, flanked on the sides for Arturo Molina and Marc Mateu. Above the duo from the mud, Cubillas Y Ruben Ten.

Calm settled within UD Las Palmas after a worrying storm. Happens that Pepe Mel’s team had started the year like a rocket, thundering from the pull to Espanyol, Mallorca and Leganés. Irregular like her alone, inexplicably went into a spin, just biting the dust against Mirandés, Sabadell and Almería before beating Cartagena a week ago.

Precisely, this last victory land served the hosts of Pepe Mel to scare away any attempt to fight for the descent, always lurking, treacherous in any case. That I know tell Castellón. Now he visits precisely the last classified, but in no case is this a symptom of optimism against a team that performs much better before the teams in the noble zone of the classification.

For tonight’s date in Castalia count Pepe Mel with numerous casualties, some of footballers as important in his scheme as Rober, what continue to beat the aftermath of COVID-19. In any case, recovers at least essential Kirian Rodriguez, fine playmaker of exquisite talent, that it is difficult to start due to the lack of rhythm from his recent injury.

Jesé is summoned again although, according to what was expressed by his coach, he will not start except last minute surprise. Araujo and Mujica can repeat in point, and the return of Benito to the starting team is expected. The goal, the defense and the double pivot remain untouchable.

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