Joan Laporta insists on the idea that Lionel Messi will wear the Barcelona shirt again in the future, despite the fact that the current boss of the culé team was one of those responsible for the Argentine star’s departure a year ago.

It has been 12 months since Messi left in tears and joined Paris Saint-Germain, breaking a 21-year stay in a culé institution that, with Laporta at the helm, maintained that he could not afford to pay his contract.

“Messi’s stage at Barça did not end as we all wanted, it ended very conditioned by economic reasons and we have a moral debt, in that sense we would like the end of his career to be with the Barça shirt and applauded by the fields at which let him go,” Laporta assured at an event in New York.

“This is an aspiration. There is nothing spoken. I feel co-responsible for this ending. I think it is a provisional end, I think we will make this aspiration a reality,” she added.

Pass market. “I have the feeling that we are working well, the players want to come to Barça again. We are making a well-balanced team that can participate in all competitions with the intention of winning them. There is a lot of competition, with a minimum of two players per position which are very good.”

Possibility of adding more footballers. “Attempts are being made to comply with the coach’s wishes. I don’t rule out the possibility of adding another addition that would surely focus on the defensive line.”

Response to criticism from Germany. “I would tell them to look at their checking account, that important money has entered them because of Lewandowski. What they do is distort reality. I give them the benefit of the doubt because perhaps they thought that we could not, but I have noticed a certain ignorance and lack of information from some of those responsible”.

Message for those who doubted. “They have not calibrated the strength of Barça. To those who are surprised, I tell them that we are very awake. We have returned to the market. The weight, strength and value of an entity with more than 122 years of history is a lot. they can be much more surprised”.

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