Laporta: “The electoral delays are detrimental to trying to retain Messi”

Laporta: “The electoral delays are detrimental to trying to retain Messi”

FC Barcelona On the interest of PSG in the Argentine

Jan Laporta, former president of Bara and candidate for the next elections, reviews the Barça news on the microphones of Catalunya Rdio.

“I was already in favor of doing it as soon as possible. The Bara cannot be longer without a president. Whatever is done, it must take into account the purity of the process so that there are no challenges. I abide by the decisions they make. To decide the Management Board, the candidates have no authority. ”

“My position has not changed. The manager has told us that there is no money. Neither for the transfer, nor to pay the agent nor for his record. If he wants to come and Bara wants to sign, let’s wait until the end of the season.”

“The delays harm the possible renewal of Leo. The other clubs see this situation. An audit has to be done before making the renewal offer. This situation does not benefit at all because, I insist, Bara needs it.”

“I am sure that Bara has a good team and that some sports additions can be made to the liking of all Barça fans.”

“I have not told him anything. He knows that I consider him the best manager in the world. I congratulated him when he renewed for Manchester City.”

“We cannot lower our guard because they sign them are a fact, but they do not give us as favorites. It only means that you are the candidate with the most support. We must work with more intensity in explaining our program and convincing the members”.

“It doesn’t bother me. It’s remembering something nice that happened. I’m proud.”

“The magnitudes are larger, but conceptually it is the same. Now we have opportunities in the market that we did not have before.”

“Every time it is proven that I am independent of political and economic groups and it has always been that way. If I had so much dependence on political groups, the change of date in the voting would not have happened.”

“He deserves respect because he has a current contract and because he is a great of Bara. What happens will be determined by the results and the game. I think that Koeman is in a process of adapting the Cruyff system, of making his own contribution” .

“The game has to improve and I think the players are the first to know it. We are alive in the Champions League and waiting for Atleti to play, which is something that can happen. And then there is the Copa del Rey …” .

“The members must understand that my proposal comes from experience. If I say names, I raise the price of the one I want it to come from and leave it to the one we have here. I have continued to be linked to the world of football and I know the players in this industry “.

“My main motivation for returning to Bara is to avoid this and ensure that the club remains the property of its members. You have to generate cash. One option is to issue bonds.”

“I’m surrounded by good people, who understand the step I took when approaching him.”

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