Spain is experiencing a new wave of COVID-19 and sport is not left out. Despite the protocols, more lax than those of a year ago, the number of infections between soccer players and coaches are growing.

Real Madrid has an outbreak with six players who have tested positive and an assistant from Ancelotti. From LaLiga they affirm that the postponement of their match against Cádiz is not being considered.

The Federation and LaLiga adapted the competition bases of both the First and Second Division to face this new reality. For it, they determine what causes must be given to postpone a match, how many players must be available from the first team and how many from the second.

In article 10.2 of the competition rules, the following is stipulated about the alienation of each team: “In order to start a game, each of the teams must appear and maintain during the entire development of the same, at least
seven footballers of those who make up the staff of the category in which the team is active”.

Although he adds: “Except for what is stipulated in the extraordinary clauses for COVID-19”.

As there is no 100% vaccination among first class soccer players, the COVID regulations remain in force. Which leads to the possibility of reducing the minimum number of players with a first team card from 7 to 5 and thus be able to guarantee the dispute of the match.

This is established in point 2 of the COVID provisions in the competition rules: “The minimum number of footballers in the first team (7) of article 223 (article 246 of the new edition pending approval by the CSD Board of Directors ) will remain fully valid throughout the entire competition except when the COVID causes described above operate, in which case the minimum number of licensed players from the first squad for the dispute of the match and during the entire development of the same, which will be 5 players from the first squad, unless the club provides of a larger number (up to 7) of first-team players qualified for the match”.

In addition, to guarantee the celebration of the matches, the calls are allowed to be of a minimum of 13 players:

“Due to COVID, the minimum availability will be increased to 13 players between the first team and the dependent teams or subsidiary club listed in this section.”

Thus, if a team has only 5 players from the first team, it must complete the call with 8 footballers from the subsidiary.

What happens when a team does not meet the minimum number of players with a first team chip on the pitch? The competition rules stipulate the following:

“When a team does not reach that minimum number, either prior to the game or during its development for whatever reasons that lead to reducing that number, the difference up to the required number may not be covered with players of another class or category, and the referee will decide the suspension of the meeting, adopting the disciplinary organ the resolution that proceeds”.

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