Kubo al cubo: Madrid’s rival with three different shirts

Kubo al cubo: Madrid’s rival with three different shirts

EOn Tuesday Valdebebas visits Getafe (9:00 p.m., Movistar LaLiga). It is the game that was postponed on the first day, when Takefusa Kubo dreamed of getting out in the Villarreal by Emery. And with Getafe, the Japanese arrive to experience something of which there is no precedent: that a player on loan from Real Madrid faces his mother team twice in the same league. Among the clause of fear, which is not abolished but is agreed in the First Division not to be used, and that before the assignments were never aborted in the middle of the season, the crosses before his transfers were minimal.

Kubo, whose presence in Madrid’s first team in the future is to occupy one of the extra-community positions, he faced Madrid at La Cermica on November 21 although he only played a minute, he arrives with starting stripes with Bordals. The Japanese have played in every game since the transfer was agreed and in the last four he has started.

This was Kubo’s match against ‘his’ team

Kubo, who with Madrid played the three games of the American tour of the 2019 preseason, will measure his team with a different third shirt. Last season he participated in the matches between the Zidane and Mallorca: the explosive 1-0 in Palma, the white victory in Valdebeas 2-0. “If he can be at home tomorrow, all the better,” said Zidane before the Balearic visit to Madrid, in one of the most emphatic and most complimentary phrases he has had for Madrid players outside of his discipline.

In Mallorca, despite the decline, Kubo I grew up. With the doors of Madrid closed because of his passport, a team was sought to take a quality leap. Villarreal It seemed like a unique destination, but nothing was for the Japanese as he thought. Thus, in January it was decided to abort that assignment and put himself under the command of a technician with an unnatural profile for his game as is Bordals. But football does not understand presupposed logic.

Valdebebas arrives Kubo shot by the continuity achieved in Getafe. And also with the desire to redial. That hasn’t happened since July 9. Then, against Levante, he achieved his fourth goal of the season. Two games earlier, in the 5-1 game against Celta, he completed his fifth assist. Since those two dates, the Japanese have not participated in a goal of the three teams through which they have passed. Even so, surely if you ask Zidane say that I would rather that Tuesday the Japanese of Kawasaki will stay at home.

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