Klopp: “In Spain I would train Mallorca, but because of the weather”

Klopp: “In Spain I would train Mallorca, but because of the weather”

Liverpool landed in Madrid at 7:10 p.m. and from there Jürgen Klopp went to Alfredo Di Stéfano, the scene of this Tuesday’s duel, to give his impressions at a telematic press conference.

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Three wins in a row before coming to Madrid. “It helps us a lot, we are playing together, which all eleven defend with a lot of determination and discipline. Everyone is responsible for closing spaces. It is a challenge because the rival will demand the maximum defensive concentration from us ”

Motivates the final in Kiev. “My motivation is maximum but it has nothing to do with 2018. I remember the game, by the way, everyone asked me a month later if I would invite Ramos to my 60th birthday and I said no. I did not like what happened that night, it was strange, but we cannot bring that feeling or anger. Now we want to show how good we are. That we can go to the next round ”.

How to harm Madrid. “Even Salah we were better yes, then no. My team is made to play these games, we have a chance. Everyone says Madrid is the favorite, no problem, they are used to it, we will be the challengers. It’s a different time, there are different players… a lot has happened since that final. ”

A test for Liverpool. “I don’t have to show how good we are, but I do have to show the fans who know how to fight. I don’t care what is said. It’s about getting the most out of this season in the final part. We are still in the fight, at home and in Europe. We are with flow. We have to keep it. They are also in a good moment, despite Ramos’s injury ”.

If he would regret retiring, he would not coach Madrid. “If at the end of my career it was only Mainz, Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool it would not be bad. I do not think so. I only regret not living here this time, you have a blessing. It’s extremely cold in Liverpool ”.

With which club would you identify in Spain: Real Madrid, Barcelona or Atlético. “I don’t have time and my Spanish is very bad. I only know how to order a beer and I couldn’t go very far. Maybe Mallorca, to live there, that climate … ”.

European revenge or lifesaver in England. “We are not for revenge, we are here to play and we do it constantly, it would be good to win against Madrid because we go to the next round, nothing more to see. Neither the position in the Premier, we are in a good moment there, we just have to maintain the good moment.

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