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Villarreal and Granada are still alive and kicking in three competitions because they have plenty of hunger and talent. After the 4-4 they signed last year at La Cerámica, this time they didn’t disappoint either. They left behind the ailments, the last minute casualties and the excuses that the calendar stresses them and they offered a game that, who knows if because of the mix, had more aroma to Copa than to LaLiga. Soldier paved the way to Granada. Peña and Moi came back at times. And for Kenedy and Rui Silva the photographs of the match will remain. One, for a flag goal that distributed the award, and the other, for a penalty saved to Alcácer in discount.

Without Gerard, the gunmen’s duel was in principle a clear heads-up between Fer Niño and Soldado. And the veteran Granada striker won the match, remembering that when his opponent was born, in October 2000, he came to the Madrid quarry to score goals without rest until today. The striker took advantage of a ball into German space (21 ‘) to measure Albiol on the run, distancing him with trade by putting his body in and, despite being heeled, crossing the ball to a surprised Asenjo.

The Submarine snorted, as if confirming what he already expected: the ex’s law. But he did not lose the pulse of the party. And eight minutes later (29 ‘) he equalized. Rubén Peña, who was a winger against the casualties, scored a spectacular goal that reminded that of Míchel (“I deserve it”) to Korea in Italy 90. Villarreal and Granada were entertaining.

Both were not satisfied with the draw in their obsession to close the first round making history. For this reason, Emery and Diego Martínez, who made friends and became intimate in Seville, were moving their benches to try to surprise and counter each other. Granada was emptied in neutralizing passing lanes, and they succeeded, while Villarreal was proud of the lack of imagination that Gerard, Yeremy and Chukwueze, among others, usually contribute. In the middle of the balance the controversial plays appeared. Moi asked for a hand from Domingues that the referee interpreted as involuntary.

And yet, the referee did give Pedraza a slight stumble in the area at the end of the play after a minute and a half, when no one remembered. Moi made it 2-1 that gave Villarreal the momentary peace they were looking for. Until Kenedy, a replacement for Suarez, took a ball in three quarters of the field, he was feigning and leaving rivals on the ground to release a left-footed shot and tie. Alcácer was able to solve in another very doubtful penalty. But Rui Silva began to agree with Emery in his debate of the previous one with Diego Martínez: Budgets aside, Villarreal and Granada look into each other’s eyes.


Kenedy (54 ‘, Luis Javier Suarez Charris), Berry (58 ‘, Fernando Niño), Jorge Molina (77 ‘, Soldier), Brice (78′, Montoro), Yeremi Pino (79′, Trigueros), Fortress (87 ‘, Moi Gómez), Coquelin (87 ‘, Capua), Jesus Vallejo (92 ‘, Luis Milla), Doors (93 ‘, Machís)


0-1, 20′: Soldier, 1-1, 28′: Ruben Peña, 2-1, 64′: Very Gomez, 2-2, 74′: Kenedy


Referee: Valentín Pizarro Gómez
VAR Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea
Luis Milla (14 ‘, Yellow) Yangel Herrera (34 ‘, Yellow) Trigueros (78 ‘, Yellow) Machís (89 ‘, Yellow) Brice (90 ‘, Roja) Domingos Duarte (94 ‘, Yellow) Coquelin (94 ‘, Yellow

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