Kawhi Leonard may return from his discharge this season

Kawhi Leonard may return from his discharge this season

Since June 14 of last year, in the conference semifinals against the Utah Jazz, Kawhi Leonard has been knocked out. What was initially diagnosed as a knee sprain ended up evolving into a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament of your right knee, from which he underwent surgery in July.

It is a serious injury and with a long recovery, but it seems that there is light at the end of the tunnel for the Clippers.

According to Chris Haynes, of Globe Live Media, sources have confirmed that Kawhi’s knee is evolving better than expected, and may have a greater load in training week by week. Said ‘miracle’ could lead to the superstar’s return to the slopes this season.

This news gives a stroke of hope to some Clippers who they are not going through their best moment. The season was already difficult without Leonard, a player who is differential both in attack and defense, as could be seen in the ring he got with the Raptors.

To this low, we must add that of his other star, Paul George, who will be away for at least two more weeks.

We have already seen in 2022 the return of important players in the league such as Klay Thompson or Kyrie Irving, so trusting in the arrival of Kawhi Leornard before the end of the season would not be crazy.

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