Jérôme Boateng is out of the Club World Cup after the death of his ex-girlfriend in Germany

Jérôme Boateng is out of the Club World Cup after the death of his ex-girlfriend in Germany

Model Kasia Lenhardt, who separated from the Bayern defender a week ago, is found dead in an apartment in Berlin; Exchange of accusations marked the last days of the relationship

Defender Jérôme Boateng will miss Bayern Munich in the Club World Cup final this Thursday against Tigers. The defender was released to return to Germany after the announcement of the death of his ex-girlfriend, model Kasia Lenhardt.

Kasia, 25, was found dead last Tuesday in an apartment in the capital Berlin. According to the local press, the cause is still being investigated by the police, who have not yet treated the incident as a suspected murder.

“Jérôme Boateng will return to Munich before the final for personal reasons,” says the official statement from Bayern.

Ex-girlfriend of Jerome Boateng (Bayern Munich player) found dead a week after end of relationship

End of relationship with exchange of serious accusations


The relationship between Jérôme Boateng and Kasia lasted about 15 months and ended last week. And in a very troubled way .

The breakup took place amid serious accusations of infidelity and blackmail. Kasia Lenhardt, according to English tabloids, would have labeled Boateng a “demon” and promised to speak publicly as soon as he overcame the break with the veteran 32-year-old Bayern player: “I’m going to talk, I have to calm down first. Please give me time, “said Kasia.

Boateng, meanwhile, accused Kasia, 25, of sabotaging his relationship with his ex-wife, with whom he has three children. “She often threatened to destroy me, ruin my career, try to make me lose my children. She said she would succeed by accusing me of hitting her. She knew that my children’s mother accused me of the same thing and that we have a lawsuit just for that reason, ”said Boateng last week, cited by the newspaper“ Marca ”.

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