Jake Paul has been raising concerns about how much fighters are paid in the UFC for nearly a year. In April 2021, he asked Dana White why they were so underpaid and said it was time to pay them their fair share.

He talked about it several times throughout the year before continuing into January 2022, revealing that his plan is to continue “disrupting the whole business” until fighters’ pay and health care improves.

Now he has launched a new plan by proposing a new $ 27 million idea to improve boxers’ salaries.

Instagram: jakepaulJake Paul has a new idea to improve the salary of UFC fighters.

After seeing nine fighters receiving bonuses at UFC Fight Night: Volkov vs. Aspinall said: “I love seeing fighters getting paid!”

Then, he presented his idea, which appears to have been inspired by that increase in bonuses.

“Promise bonus of $ 50,000 for each winner. $ 600,000 per UFC event. 45 events [with] 12 fights, [which equates to a] total payout of $ 27 million (2.7% of revenue).

“If the winner doesn’t deserve it [or it’s a] boring battle, distribute the $ 50,000 to those who do it on paper.”

Paul believes this will help make all fights in an event more exciting, as well as the extra pay.

I love seeing fighters getting paid.

Idea: Commit to a $ 50,000 bonus 4 for each winner / $ 600,000 per UFC event. 45 events, 12 fights, total winnings of $ 27 million (2.7% of rounds). If the winner doesn’t deserve it / a boring fight, split the $ 50,000 between those who do it on paper. More exciting fights, the more it pays. Good idea?

Jake’s efforts have earned him the praise of many people, including his brother Logan. However, UFC star Paddy Pimblett is unconvinced, stating that he’s only doing it to have an exchange with UFC president Dana White.

Either way, his idea sparked a social media discussion that spanned hundreds of comments, retweets, and thousands of likes. So at least you’re raising awareness of the matter, which can only be good.

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