Indurain exhausts the 1,000 available registrations and opens a waiting list

Indurain exhausts the 1,000 available registrations and opens a waiting list

LAINDURAIN 2021 has exhausted the 1,000 registrations it had available for the test to be held on July 17. In just over a month (the process was opened on March 3), cyclists from different origins have taken the number to participate in a cycle tour that has become a reference on the international calendar. In 2021, M2 Eventos, who is the one who directs and manages it, gives prominence to the cyclist, placing special emphasis on safety, with the firm intention of turning the event into a unforgettable, special and personalized experience, an OUT OF CATEGORY event.

It has opted for a consolidated and guarantee health protocol, to which is added a COVID test for everyone who participates to underpin the test’s commitment to pandemic control. The organization maintains its prevention effort not only for the safety of the participants, but also of their families, spectators and, the no less important guarantee for the towns through which the march circulates.

In 2020, LAINDURAIN was the only major march held in that pandemic year. The firmness and determination of Miguel Indurain in the first person, was decisive for the march to go ahead. Health authorities did not identify outbreaks associated with the test and the general satisfaction of the participants and sponsors was maximum. The support received from the world of professional and popular cycling and the commitment of local institutions in those difficult days were vital and have allowed LAINDURAIN HC to be raised with guarantees and that the public has responded satisfactorily, exhausting the registrations in just over a month .

Between the highlights data, LAINDURAIN HC will have a large majority of male participants, 95% of those registered. By age ranges, the largest group is cyclists aged 35 to 44 (33.23%), followed by 45-54 (32.07%), 25-34, 55-64, +65 and 18- 24. The origin of the participants will be very varied: 19.73% will come from Navarra and 11.19% from Gipuzkoa. Madrileños, Alaveses, Maños / as continue on the list until completing a list made up of 50 different origins. In addition, regarding the route chosen to complete the test, 58.55% of those registered have opted to cover 180km, while 41.45% will take the short route, the 100kms.

Waiting list

From the organization of the test, a waiting list has been enabled so that the numbers that could remain free due to cancellations (duly accredited medical reasons or perimeter closures) can be acquired by people who have been unable to formalize it.

To be able to register on the waiting list, you must follow the same process of buying a bib (, but the payment is not formalized at the moment, but the interested person is in reserve. When there are free places, the person who has requested a waiting place will receive a notification to enter and pay the registration. The price that will be applied to you will be that of the moment you sign up for the waiting list: € 74 for federated and € 84 for non-federated until May 2; and € 80 for federated and € 90 for non-federated from May 3 to 23, the date on which registrations will be completely closed.

2021 Special Category: La Indurain Hors Categorie

Added to the differential value of the proximity and dedication of Miguel Indurain himself, LAINDURAIN HC incorporates a whole package of unique services so that each participant lives a unique cycling festival. In addition to the already mentioned COVID test, included in the price, LAINDURAIN HC adds to its traditional high-end services, a selection of added values ​​designed for and by the cyclist.

To the usual formula of the march with UCI World Tour infrastructures, 4 complete refreshment stations, this year the service of previous shipment of jerseys with numbers and information of the test, free high-quality photographs for each participant, guaranteed mechanical assistance ( 1 neutral car for every 125 participants) or the insurance for the refund of the registration in case of suspension (except expenses such as the jersey).

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