“In Madrid I had no luck either with injuries or in private”

“In Madrid I had no luck either with injuries or in private”

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Luka Jovic has fallen on his feet in Frankfurt. Following his return to Eintracht on loan, the Real Madrid-owned player has scored three goals in his three appearances to date in Hessian club gear. This Tuesday, the Serbian was officially introduced and appeared at a press conference to discuss the following topics:

Return to Frankfurt: “I am very happy to be back. I feel very comfortable and it is being seen on the pitch. I scored two goals throughout my time at Real Madrid and now there are three here. The city, the club and especially the equipment are tailor-made for me.

Trust: “I was unlucky at Real Madrid. The injuries diminished me and in the private sphere it didn’t go well either. I feel fortunate to have been able to return to Frankfurt, where they have received me wonderfully.”

Experience in Madrid: “It has been fortunate to have been able to train day by day together with the best players in the world. I have gained in experience and I consider myself the best player today. Despite not being able to have continuity on the pitch, I have taken a lot of positive things about Madrid “.

Frankfurt squad: “I was pleasantly surprised, the team is even better than the one I left. I would not highlight anyone in particular, but in general I consider the team at a very good level.”

Life in Frankfurt: “I am still in the hotel, it is not easy to find a flat in so few months. As for the rest, not much has changed. The city remains the same. It has not cost me to integrate.”

Zidane / Hütter comparison: “I don’t want to go into details, they are both phenomenal coaches. Zidane is also very good on a personal level, but it is easier for me to communicate with Adi in English since I am not fluent in Spanish to be able to converse fluently with Zidane. These kinds of details makes it easier for me. ”

Ownership: “I still need time to adapt to one hundred percent. I continue to drag some muscular discomfort, but I trust that they will lessen as time goes by and that the coach can count on me soon from the beginning of the games.”

Reception: “I know the importance of the club for the city and the entire region. For this reason, I was convinced of this step and the players also transmit it to me daily. We can do great things.”

Problems in Madrid: “I think it had to do with how little time I was able to play. It’s never easy in a team like Real Madrid, where the style is different and the pressure is always very high. That is why it was best to take the step back to Frankfurt.” .

Return to Madrid: “I don’t want to look to the future. I’m focused on Eintracht and on being able to return to being one hundred percent to play the 90 minutes. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I know I’m a good player and whoever sees me will appreciate it.” .

Spanish classes: “I don’t teach. I started learning the language in Madrid, but now I’m not giving any more classes.”

Negotiations with Eintracht: “There were rumors in summer, but Madrid stopped everything. Now I am happy that my wish has been fulfilled and I have been able to return.”

Goals with Eintracht: “I have not set an exact number of goals that I want to score with Eintracht. I am sure that, if we continue to play as in the last games, we will have opportunities to qualify for the Champions League.”

Couple with André Silva: “It is too early to talk about it. The longer we can play together, the more we will balance. He is a good guy and for sure we will work on the pitch.”

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