Formula 1 is widely regarded as the most popular motorsport in the world. The great thrills it gives, along with the full-throttle speed and fascinating technicalities, have millions of fans watching every race. It’s also why the sport has a worldwide following.

It does not come as a surprise that many people love investing their money in formula 1 betting online. There are tons of drivers to choose from, so many races to stake on, and several types of bets to key in. However, with these excesses, one can get overwhelmed and be left out, unsure of where or how to get started.

This is where Kate Richardson, an expert bettor, comes in. She can provide tips and recommendations to help improve your chances of winning. To learn more about the expert tipster, view her profile. 

The guide will walk you through all you need to know not just to get started but also to make you a master of your games. It will fully arm you with the strategies you need to crush the books and make significant money from them. If you want to jump in on this intriguing, big hit for bettors worldwide, ride on!

How to Bet on Formula 1

Different significant markets are available for Formula 1 online betting: F1 races, Futures, and Live Gambling. 

Here’s how they work

1. F1 Races

Many experts believe the best Formula 1 bets are individual races. This bet can be further subdivided into Race Winner and Podium Finish. The Race Winner is the most popular type of wager in F1 races. You stake your money on the driver you think will finish the race first, and if he does, you win! 

For Podium Finish, you pick a driver you think will do well, and if he gets to the podium at the end, you win. Although the driver’s position at the end doesn’t matter, you only get paid if he comes out of the top three. This way is the most preferred because it’s straightforward and quick. You know your fate immediately after the game’s over. 

2. Championship or Formula 1 Futures

Here’s another easy option for beginners who prefer long-term formula 1 betting. You predict the winners of several aspects of the championship, and if they’re correct, you win. This betting applies to the results at the end of the season. 

You can predict which team wins the constructors’ championship or which driver wins the driver’s championship. If you want to play the long game, check out these wagers on F1 racing futures: 

  • F1 Championship Winner – You predict a driver to win the championship when the season ends, and the driver will if he emerges with the most points. 
  • To Finish in the top 3 – This here is a safer option to stake on. 
  • F1 Constructors Championship Winners: You can also put your money on any team you choose to win the constructor’s title. This boosts your chances of winning because you don’t have to stake on a single racer. 
  • Driver to Win a Race – Here, you predict that a driver will bag at least one game during the season.

3. Live Gambling

This type of Formula 1 betting is believed to be the most exciting one. The option creates an avenue for profitable wagers. Check out the top motorsports gambling sites that offer in-play odds while races are on. 

Consider these strategy tips if you intend to put your money on F1 live: 

  • Race Strategy: Follow the pit stops to the latter while you try to figure out the strategies of each racer. 
  • Pit Communication: For some invaluable information, pay attention to the communication between racers and engineers. 
  • Weather Forecast: Monitor the weather forecast because anything could happen with rain looming. Rain makes the track slippery, which triggers unexpected circumstances, e.g., underdogs winning.
  • Driver’s Stats: Never forget to check drivers’ stats so you can point out the signs of a likely decline in their performances.

Bet On Formula 1

Here’s a bonus tip: Follow trends of track races.

Crucial Factors to Consider

These are some important factors to consider when gambling on Formula 1 races.

  • Racer’s Form – These guys are human like us, and their stats and performance should be monitored. In the past five seasons, Lewis Hamilton won four F1 championships, which makes him a sure favorite to win more.
  • Track Performances – While some drivers prefer flat roads, others prefer the Monaco Grand Prix. Note that.
  • Fastest Cars – It is advisable that your betting analysis starts here, as there will always be one or two teams faster than the rest. 
  • Technical Errors – While you place your bet on each game, set your eyes on the state of the teams. Monitor them clearly to see if they’re struggling to find balance in the race. From the onset, you might see errors and early withdrawals.

The Bottom Line

Not all sports give several opportunities to win games like F1 racing, and if you intend to stake on it, you need to be observant, focused, and above all, patient.

Formula 1 betting is not just straightforward but massively profitable, and with everything above, even if it’s your first time, you can start making money by betting on the races. To increase your chances of winning long-term, ensure you do not go overboard.

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