Gianinna Maradona’s revealing chats with Diego’s psychologist before his death

Gianinna Maradona’s revealing chats with Diego’s Psychologist before his Death

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Almost two months after the death of Diego Armando Maradona, the investigations continue around the moment in which the death of the Argentine star took place: Could it have been prevented? Was there medical negligence? Are there responsible? Why was he alone?

All these questions will be answered when appropriate by Justice – the family – however there are speculations of all kinds.

Like those made by the journalist Luis Ventura, who judged the actions of Dalma and Gianinna, the daughters of Diez and Claudia Villafañe. “There is a message that is the one that breaks, that is the hinge, that shows what his position was with respect to his father. And it was the message ‘the three of us are one’. The three of us are one, so you don’t know if they are family, if they are a group, if they are a team, if they are partners or if they are accomplices, “Ventura began by saying on the Fantino a la Tarde program and attacked: “It is clear to me that the three are one because the three stayed together and I have the image of Diego dying alone. Diego was not three, he was one and he was left alone. They moved him from a place to attend to him and it was the moment that less was attended. And who made that decision? The family “.

Given these statements, Gianinna decided to respond publicly by showing private chats with Diego’s psychologist two days before the death of her father. “Enough of saying inconsistencies @LuisVenturaSoy. YOUR CHILDREN FOLLOWED WHAT THE PROFESSIONALS who were in charge of the treatment told us”, Benjamin Agüero’s mother wrote on her Twitter account next to the image of the chat and added: “Justice has all this but I have an 11-year-old son who 1 week ago reads absurd things about his mother because of the death of his grandfather. ENOUGH “.

In the chat with Diego’s psychologist you can see that she asks “Does anyone have news about dad? Do they still visit them without being able to be with our desire to be with him but respecting his space?”, To which the psychologist of the Ten He responds: “Hi Giani! How’s it going? Maxi is sure to extend us now, but he was in a good mood and wanting to be alone. It seems to me that we have to continue respecting his space, understanding that (just for today) they are being fulfilled the two goals, which are the correct mediation shot and zero alcohol. I think it would be good to ask him if he wants to receive visits / video calls and that he decides the best based on this moment. The idea is to avoid any type of reaction like last week and continue to accompany him, so that he knows that we are 100% available, but that the decisions are made by him “.

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