Formula 1: Grand Prix in Las Vegas

Formula 1: Grand Prix in Las Vegas

Formula 1 continues to push ahead with its expansion plans. From 2023 there should be a third Grand Prix in the USA .

As “Sky” reports, it should be driven in Las Vegas from next year . Rumors of a race in the gambler’s paradise have been around for a long time, according to the report, everything should now be dry and the deal will be made official soon. This is also indicated by an announcement tweet from Formula 1 (see below).

As a result, the race in Las Vegas could even take place on a Saturday. In order to attract as many spectators as possible , the Grand Prix is ​​scheduled to take place on November 23, i.e. on Thanksgiving . The start of the race should take place at prime time in the USA, in Europe that would be Sunday morning.

Route across the famous Las Vegas Strip

The track will also run a few hundred yards along the famous Las Vegas Strip past the casino hotels and be a typical street circuit with 90 degree turns instead of fast, sweeping corners.

For Formula 1 it would be a return to Las Vegas, already in 1981 and 1982 the US metropolis was driven. At that time still in the parking lot of the legendary Caesars Palace.


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