The Mercedes team principal expressed his thoughts on the Ferrari car.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff applauded Ferrari for the performance of the new single-seater in Barcelona and Bahrain: “I like the Ferrari concept, because it’s different from what we’ve seen before. It’s very strong, and I’m not just saying it. to speak well. Red Bull is fast too, as is McLaren. “

The manager of the German team also replied about the skepticism around the new Mercedes car: “We are in contact with the FIA ​​to be safe and in place. This type of project has been delivered and is regular. It is the same car seen at Barcelona, ​​with different sidepods, but it’s the same architecture. Inside it’s the same car. “

On Hamilton and Russell: “Both approaches are interesting, because for one it is more a game to understand the car while for Lewis the experience prevails. And this can be good for the development of the car.”

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