European boycott of FIFA for the new biennial World Cup

European boycott of FIFA for the new biennial World Cup

FIFA’s plans to create a new calendar with the World Cup every two years, instead of every four, have pushed some of the European associations, the most averse to change, to the limit. Specifically, more than a dozen of the 55 that make up the European confederation are willing to leave FIFA and sideline the highest world body, according to Globe Live Media. The Nordic federations are the promoters of this boycott.

All this occurs in a fundamental week for the calendar change that has Arsene Wenger as the visible head. After the 211 member associations heard the amendment proposal directly, this Wednesday the FIFA Council is expected to ratify the holding of a vote that would take place in December.

“If a majority in FIFA decides to adopt a proposal on the biennial World Cups, Nordic football associations will need to consider more actions and scenarios that are closer to our core values ​​than the current FIFA proposal represents“Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands said in a joint statement a few days ago.

Leaving FIFA, in any case, would not have repercussions on UEFA. What’s more, there have been some recent associations like Gibraltar that in recent years belonged only to UEFA for a time until FIFA recognized them as well. In any case, the idea of ​​leaving FIFA is consistent with the plans of Ceferin, UEFA president, to go against this new world calendar.

What’s more, FIFA itself admits in its statutes that getting out of it is a legitimate option. According to article 18, a member federation may resign from the body by giving six months notice to the end of the calendar year. The war for football opens a new chapter for the biennial World Cup.

Melissa Galbraith
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