Enrique Riquelme drops out of the race to preside over Real Madrid

Enrique Riquelme drops out of the race to preside over Real Madrid

The founder of Cox Energy accused an unjustified advance of the deadlines to present candidacies; Florentino Pérez is left with a free hand.

Enrique Riquelme, the 32-year-old businessman who runs Cox Energy, has for now stepped down from the race for the presidency of Real Madrid Club de Fútbol. This Saturday he confirmed in a statement that he will not be presented in this period “because the reduced deadlines established by the current Board of Directors and Electoral Board make it impossible to present the full candidacy in which he was working.”

This term, which he described as an “unjustified advance”, expires on Monday. With the decline of the entrepreneur in the energy sector, with a strong presence in Latin America, Florentino Pérez is left with a free hand to prepare what could be his sixth term as president of Real Madrid Club de Fútbol.

Riquelme accused that advancing the deadline to present the candidature constituted a “grievance for the members, due to the limited time available for an exhibition of the project for the Club that really reaches all of them.”

The call to renew the presidency of Real Madrid was issued last Holy Thursday, and the opening of the process on Good Friday. This, the businessman regretted, reduced “de facto” the period of 10 days to present the candidacy, from April 3 to 12, “to just six business days to complete the requirements for its formalization.”

In addition, the candidates would only have 15 days to explain the projects and programs to the partners, who would have to decide their vote with unexpected haste, the same month of April, when the elections were being set in June-July, Riquelme added in a press release that was distributed to the media this Saturday.

However, the president of Cox Energy stressed that the current decline is not a definitive resignation to his intention to preside over Real Madrid, “but rather postpones the time” to present himself as a candidate.

“For this reason, he officially confirms his intention to stand for the next Real Madrid Board of Directors elections. Until then, thanking the interest shown in his candidacy project, he will continue working on the best possible candidacy while making himself available to the Club to achieve the greatest successes for a team that will continue to defend with the greatest and best of wills ”, closes the release.

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