Lakers and Wizards

Double zero of Lakers and Wizards, twinned in preseason

The two teams most touched by the wand this past summer are suffering, as they get going, the lack of a more experienced block playing against each other. This is the only way to understand that the two teams that starred in the most important transfer on the market, Russell Westbrook’s, have not yet found a way to win in these games prior to the official regular season.

Between the Lakers -five- and the Wizards -three- they have eight defeats these days. The two fell, on Tuesday, at their own home and with reserves in the rival teams.

For the Lakers it is not symptomatic, it is just a little light that blinks asking for some things to be adjusted. The stars are still making contact with each other to form a constellation and there they are all already: Davis, James, Westbrook and Anthony joined Kent Bazemore to start against the Warriors. On Kerr’s side rested Curry, Green and the still-injured Thompson. All backwards. Well, the story favored the latter. Even game in which it was difficult for Golden State to enter and where the trio of casualties (Ariza-THT-Monk) that the Angelenos have took its toll, for looking for a justification. The Lakers completely collapsed in the fourth quarter, contributing only 15 points to their cause for the rival’s 26, and there the complete difference was made with which the appointment ended. The four aforementioned starters on the Lakers side played a minimum of 25 minutes each, were not reserved for them, and Davis was the best of them, scoring 20 points. The top three scoring starters for the Warriors, Poole, Lee and Wiggins, overcame a horrendous total on 3-pointers (3/21 between the three).

For the Wizards, a lot to go yet. They have a lot of new players, only with Beal as a true reference to what they had left last year, and they are on the way to finding themselves. There are already three defeats. The Raptors, who are not the same as those who won the title in 2019 or even remotely, are in the positive. Preseason trends to which you have to do only relative case. The Canadians, it is true, do not have Lowry and without a Dragic who yearns to be traded, Siakam is not playing and this game was not Anunoby or VanVleet, so they were happy to win in the United States capital. Comeback in the last quarter after having the locals all the game more or less controlled. Two players who came off the bench stood out: Malachi Flynn, who with 22 points was the top scorer, and Sam Dekker, who returns to the NBA after his European adventure.

NBA Results

· Wizards 108-113 Raptors

· Lakers 99-111 Warriors

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