Devin Booker settles old grudges with Ben Simmons

Devin Booker settles old grudges with Ben Simmons over Kendall Jenner

NBA The guard, MVP of the night, faces the Sixers player after scoring on his face

Devin Booker and Ben Simmons keep looking for each other every time they meet on a court. They challenge each other with their eyes and challenge each other with their plays, rekindling the flames of old quarrels over their respective romances with Kendall Jenner, current partner of the Suns player and who once had a relationship with the Sixers point guard.

The guard does not forget the past and took it upon himself to remind his rival after scoring a triple to his face. Booker turned to Simmons to remind him of the basket he had just hit the self-proclaimed “best defender in the NBA.”

Devin Booker takes out all the artillery to settle accounts with Ben Simmons

It was not another basket for the Suns guard, who signed the best performance of the night in the NBA with 36 points. Booker was the leader of a team that adds five consecutive victories in which he has averaged 28.6 points with 45% correct from triple.

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